Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Survey Request

Below are links to our surveys on cumorah.com.  Your contributions are valuable in assisting our research of LDS growth worldwide.  Please fill out our surveys if you have not already.  Thanks!


Irwin said...

Matt, my Firefox does not allow me to answer the same survey multiple times.

The solution I found is to clear the history of firefox but I need another solution.

When showing the results of the survey, is a question. Surveys open forever, always changing growth statistics.

Unconfirmed information is only a speculation for months members and authorities in Peru reported that this year would reach 100th stake.
In Peru Lima East, Lima South Peru, Peru Lima West missions, reported possible stakes, one in Pachacamac (Lima Area), another in Barranco, a pair of stakes more, but nothing has been confirmed.

Irwin said...

About a stake in Pachacamac would include six wards, but nothing has been confirmed, why? anyone know anything about this

Matt said...

Good question. I could see a couple new stakes in southern Lima considering most stakes have quite a few wards. Hopefully the Church in Peru surpasses the 100 stake mark soon!

Michael Worley said...

anyone know more about the Bangkok North Stake?

Irwin said...

A new stake was created in Bolivia this sunday, the La Paz Bolivia Copacabana Stake included 5 or 6 wards with 1 branch

Bangkok Thailand North Stake will be created on December 2nd but I have no further information.

Aaron and Kamyra said...

Matt, any growth information in the new South Sudan country since the slit of North and South almost a year ago?

Also, any reason for the low growth in districts this year; net gain of 1 so far for 2012?