Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Stake Created in Spain

Earlier this month, the Church created a new stake in Spain.  The Lleida Spain Stake was created from the Hospitalet Spain Stake and Spain Barcelona Mission and includes four wards (Lleida, Sabadell 1st, Sabadell 2nd, and Terrassa) and three branches (Andorra, Zaragoza 1st, and Zaragoza 2nd).  Missionaries serving in the Spain Barcelona Mission report that the two branches in Zaragoza may become wards within the near future.  Currently the Hospitalet Spain Stake has only four wards and two branches.  With few wards in either stake, it appears that the decision to create the new stake in Lleida was under the expectation that some branches in both of these stakes will mature into wards and that some wards may divide to create additional units.

This Sunday, the Church will create two additional stakes in Spain in Madrid and Cartagena.  I will provide more details on these new stakes once they become available.  With the creation of three new stakes in 2012, there will be 13 stakes in Spain.


Mike Johnson said...

Thanks for the update.

Note, the Hamilton New Zealand Rotokauri Stake now shows up in the meetinghouse locator with the following units:

Dinsdale Ward
Grandview Ward
Hamilton Ward (Tongan)
Nawton Ward
Tuhikaramea Ward
Raglan Branch

Mike Johnson said...

I was just comparing the list of 2012 stakes with the articles in the Church News about new stake presidencies.

While the Church News is way behind on reporting the creation of recent stakes, they do report two stakes created in May 2012 that are not on the list here. These are the:

Gilbert Arizona Highland East - May 20th, 2012 http://www.ldschurchnews.com/articles/62423/New-stake-presidents.html

Note, the Gilbert Highland West Stake was created on 20 May and is number 21 on your list, but the Church News reports in the same article that a West AND an East stake were created that same day.

Pocatello Idaho YSA 1st Stake - May 6th, 2012 http://www.ldschurchnews.com/articles/62423/New-stake-presidents.html

The next two are simply naming differences.

Your number 26 stake is listed as the Summerwood Texas Stake, but the Church News has it as the Houston Texas Summerwood Stake http://www.ldschurchnews.com/articles/62678/New-stake-presidents.html

You list the Milan Italy East Stake as number 41, but the Church News says the Milan Italy West Stake was created from the Milan and Milan East http://www.ldschurchnews.com/articles/62866/New-stake-presidents.html

Mike Johnson said...


Ok, the Church News reported the creation of both the Gilbert Arizona Highlands East Stake and Gilbert Arizona Highlands West Stake, it occurred to me afterwards that the previous stake, the Gilbert Arizona Highlands Stake, was discontinued and so only one new stake was actually created.

However, the Pocatello Idaho YSA 1st Stake does appear to need to be added to your list.

Matt said...

I did not include the Pocatello Idaho YSA 1st Stake on the new stake list because this was not a new stake. Rather, it was a renaming of the Pocatello Idaho Student Single 1st Stake.

Thanks for the correction on the Houston Texas Summerwood Stake.

Rick at www.ldschurchtemples.com lists the new stake in Milan as the Milan Italy East Stake, so that is why I included it instead of the west stake.

Thanks for the unit list for the new stake in Hamilton!

Mike Johnson said...

Thanks, Matt. Makes sense.

Geoff said...

The Lleida stake boundaries are interesting. I pictured it taking up Zaragoza, Andorra, Lleida, Tarragona, and Vilafranca.

Really stoked about the Cartagena stake. Can't wait to find out the units in it.

Mike Johnson said...
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Mike Johnson said...

The Madrid stakes are as follows:

Madrid Spain Centro Stake
Madrid 1st Ward
Madrid 2nd Ward
Madrid 5th Ward
Madrid 6th Ward
Madrid 8th Ward
Toledo Ward
Aranjuez Branch
(Possibly) Cuenca Branch--no longer shows up as assigned to the La Mancha Spain District.

Madrid Spain East Stake
Alcalá de Henares Ward
Alcobendas Ward
Azuqueca Ward
Madrid 4th Ward
Torrejón de Ardoz Ward
Guadalajara Branch

Madrid Spain West Stake
Leganés Ward
Madrid 3rd Ward
Madrid 9th Ward
Móstoles Ward
Villalba Ward
Alcorcón Branch
Fuenlabrada Branch
Parla Branch
Talavera Branch

Mike Johnson said...
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Mike Johnson said...

Redoing this:

Cartagena Stake:

(from the Elche Stake)
Cartagena 1, 2, and 3 wards
Murcia 1 and 2 wards
Molina Segura Ward
Lorca Branch
Huércal-Overa Branch (from the Grenada Stake)

The Elche Stake retained:

Elche 1 and 2 wards
Alicante 1 and 2 ward
Crevillente Branch
Torrevieja Branch

and received from the Valencia Stake:

Alcoy Ward
Benidorm Branch
Albacete Branch