Friday, November 16, 2012

Districts Discontinued in Brazil

Two districts were recently discontinued in Brazil.

Originally created in 1997 and consisting of only two branches, the Vilhena Brazil District was discontinued and both of its branches now pertain to the Brazil Cuiaba Mission.  Mission leaders report that the decision to consolidate the district was due to only two branches in the district.  Few priesthood holders in the area appears another contributor to the closure of the district.  The stronger branch currently has approximately 70 active members.

Originally created in 2006 and consisting of three branches, the Ponte Nova Brazil District was discontinued.  Two branches (Viçosa and Ubá) now pertain to the Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission whereas the Ponte Nova Branch became a ward in the newly created Lafaiete Brazil Stake.  The reason for the closure of the district appears due to the strongest unit in the stake qualifying to become a ward in the new stake whereas the two remaining branches are more distant from Lafaiete and have fewer active members.  Mediocre prospects for future growth in Viçosa and Ubá and administrative problems may have also prompted the closure of the district and reassignment to the Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission.

There are now 246 stakes and 42 districts in Brazil.  


Porter said...

I am a member living in New Delhi (which has been its own mission separate from Bangalore for nearly 5 years now). However until now all missionaries only serve in the city of New Delhi. You may be interested to know that next transfer (at the end of November) four Elders will be sent to Mumbai(Bombay) for the first time. There is a small group that meets there, but being that Mumbai is one of the world's most populated cities, this is a big deal. Also, this mission is opening to Sister missionaries for the first time next transfer (two Indian sisters who were serving in the Philippines have already arrived in New Delhi to know the area before they both train. The Bangalore mission is also getting Sisters this next transfer -- the first in a very long time in that mission.

Matt said...

That is fantastic news! Hopefully the Church will experience success in Mumbai and organize additional units.