Sunday, December 12, 2021

Likely New Missions to be Created

See below for a list of likely locations to have new missions announced in the near future. The Church has already announced two new missions to be created in 2022 (Hawaii Laie and Rwanda Kigali). Typically, the Church has made a single announcement for new missions to be created for the year. It is unclear whether there may be additional missions announced for 2022. Each prospective new mission is also provided with the approximately population and number of stakes and districts the mission would likely service.


  • Cote d'Ivoire Daloa (9.4 million, 1 stake, 9 districts) 
  • Malawi Lilongwe (18.5 million, 2 districts)
  • Nigeria Aba (3-4 million, 6 stakes)
  • Nigeria Warri (5.7 million, 3 stakes, 4 districts)
  • Sierra Leone Bo (3.0 million, four stakes) 
  • Togo Lome (7.7 million, two stakes)


  • Philippines Ormoc (~ 2 million, 3 stakes, 4 districts)
  • Philippines Palawan/Mindoro (2.7 million, 1 stake, 4 districts)
  • Philippines Tuguegarao (1.7 million, 3 stakes, 2 districts)
  • Thailand Ubon (22.0 million, 1 stake, 1 district)


  • Brazil Manaus (second mission) (3-4 million, ~6 stakes)
  • Brazil Recife (second mission) (~5 million, ~6 stakes)
  • Brazil São Luís (~7 million, 2 stakes)
  • Brazil São Paulo (sixth mission) (4-5 million, ~7 stakes)
  • Brazil Sorocaba (2-4 million, 5 stakes, 2 districts)
  • Cuba Havana (11 million, 1 district)


  • Australia Brisbane (second mission) (~2.6 million, ~6 stakes)
  • Australia Sydney (reinstate second mission) (~4 million, ~6 stakes)
  • French Polynesia (second mission) (~150,000, ~5 stakes)
  • Samoa (second mission) (~100,000, ~12 stakes)
  • Solomon Islands Honiara (691,000, 1 district)


Friday, December 10, 2021

Two New Missions to be Created in 2022 - Rwanda Kigali and Hawaii Laie

The Church has recently announced the creation of at least two new missions in 2022.

The Hawaii Laie Mission will be organized from the Hawaii Honolulu Mission (organized in 1850) in January 2022. The new mission will service northern Oahu, including five stakes in Laie, BYU-Hawaii, and the Polynesian Cultural Center. The decision to organize the new mission appears prompted to provide better mission leadership oversight with the Church's facilities in the Laie area given the Hawaii Honolulu Mission currently has 16 stakes. The Church in Hawaii has experienced very slow membership and congregational growth rates of approximately 0-2% for most years during the past 15 years.

The Rwanda Kigali Mission will be organized from a division of the Uganda Kampala Mission, the Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa East Mission, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo Lubumbashi Mission in July 2022. At most recent report, the Church in Rwanda has four branches and 755 members. All four branches operate in Kigali where the first district was organized in 2017. The Church has recently begun to translate Church materials into Kinyarwanda. Rwanda presents good opportunities for greater Church growth given little linguistic diversity among the population of Rwanda. The new mission will include neighboring Burundi where there are 749 members who meet in three branches that are organized into one district. The Church has maintained an official presence in Rwanda since the late 2000s, and the Church reestablished an official presence in Burundi in 2010. The new mission will also include areas in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo where there are several significant groups of prospective members who have waited decades to join the Church. The population of the new Rwanda Kigali Mission will likely be more than 50 million.

With the creation of the new missions, there will be 409 missions worldwide.

Saturday, December 4, 2021

October 2021 and November 2021 Newsletters for

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October 2021:

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