Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Stake in Washington

Last Sunday, a new stake was created in Washington State.  The West Richland Washington Stake was created from the Kennewick Washington and the Richland Washington Stakes and includes the Benton City, Candy Mountain, Desert Hills, Highlands, Lakes, Prosser, Rattlesnake Mountain, and Richland YSA Wards.  Since 2010, the Church has reversed its trend of stagnant stake growth experienced in the 2000s.  The West Richland Washington Stake becomes the third stake to be organized since 2010.  In recent years, congregational growth rates have also accelerated in Washington and will likely result in the creation of additional stakes within the foreseeable future.

There are now six stakes in the Richland/Kennewick area and 57 stakes in Washington.

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Mike Johnson said...

Has the Richland YSA Branch become a ward? It still shows up on the meetinghouse locator as a branch.