Sunday, February 19, 2023

New Temple Predictions - February 2023 Edition

I have updated my temple prediction map in preparation for General Conference in April. The size of the Church in a specific geographical area (i.e. number of stakes and districts, the number of wards and branches), the age of the oldest stake in a specific geographical area, church growth trends, the distance to the nearest temple, the square-footage of the nearest temple, the historical number of weekly endowment sessions scheduled at the nearest temple, and member and missionary reports regarding member activity, temple attendance, and convert retention are variables used to identify prospective sites for future temple announcements. Also, I have considered traffic and transportation concerns with adding new temple locations to the map. My goal this time was to include all possible locations where temples may be announced considering the characteristics of locations where temples have been recently announced. Altogether, there are 217 potential temples on the map (20 more likely temples, 197 less likely temples) - 54 more locations than included on the map in September 2022. The following 66 locations have been added to the temples prediction map with this current update - all of which are less likely temples:

  • Aguascalientes Mexico Temple
  • Appleton Wisconsin Temple
  • Aracaju Brazil Temple
  • Arlington Washington Temple
  • Beaumont Texas Temple
  • Beaver Utah Temple
  • Blackfoot Idaho Temple
  • Broomfield Colorado Temple
  • Caldwell Idaho Temple
  • Cardiff Wales Temple
  • Castle Dale Utah Temple
  • Chalco Mexico Temple
  • Ciudad Obregón Mexico Temple
  • Coatzacoalcos Mexico Temple
  • Concord New Hampshire Temple
  • Cottonwood Heights/Holladay/Sandy Utah Temple
  • Daru Papua New Guinea Temple
  • Durango Mexico Temple
  • Goodyear Arizona Temple
  • Grace Idaho Temple
  • Greenville South Carolina Temple
  • Hamburg Germany Temple
  • Harrisburg Pennsylvania Temple
  • Hurricane Utah Temple
  • Iowa City Iowa Temple
  • Juchitán Mexico Temple
  • Kanab Utah Temple
  • La Ceiba Honduras Temple
  • La Plata Argentina Temple
  • Lethbridge Alberta Temple
  • Likasi Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple
  • Mar del Plata Argentina Temple
  • Mbuji-Mayi Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple
  • Morgan Utah Temple
  • Moscow Idaho Temple
  • Nealticán Mexico Temple
  • Nephi Utah Temple
  • Norfolk Virginia Temple
  • North Lima Peru Temple
  • North London England Temple
  • North Ogden Utah Temple
  • Ontario Oregon Temple
  • Paducah Kentucky Temple
  • Preston Idaho Temple
  • Quezon City Philippines Temple
  • Retalhuleu Guatemala Temple
  • Roosevelt Utah Temple
  • São Luís Brazil Temple
  • São Paulo Brazil South Temple
  • San Juan Argentina Temple
  • San Miguel de Tucumán Argentina Temple
  • Santa Fe Argentina Temple
  • Scotch Plains New Jersey Temple
  • South Houston Texas Temple
  • Southern Santiago Chile Temple
  • Springfield Missouri Temple
  • Sucre Bolivia Temple
  • Sunderland England Temple
  • Taichung Taiwan Temple
  • Tapachula Mexico Temple
  • Temecula California Temple
  • Temuco Chile Temple
  • Uberlândia Brazil Temple
  • Vancouver Washington Temple
  • Xalapa Mexico Temple
  • Yakima Washington Temple

With this update, no temples were transferred from the less likely to be announced to the more likely to be announced category or vice versa. 

The following 10 locations appear most likely to have temples announced this coming General Conference. As always, your prediction lists are welcome and encouraged. 

  1. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  2. Spanish Fork, Utah 
  3. Charlotte, North Carolina
  4. Angeles or Olongapo, Philippines 
  5. Colorado Springs, Colorado 
  6. Kampala, Uganda
  7. Iquitos, Peru 
  8. São José, Brazil
  9. Viña del Mar, Chile 
  10. João Pessoa, Brazil

See below for the map of likely and less likely new temple sites:

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