Saturday, January 16, 2010

Two Districts Discontinued in Honduras

Continuing a trend of discontinuing small districts in Honduras, a couple weeks ago two more districts were discontinued in Honduras in Guaymaca and Juticalpa. The Guaymaca and Juticalpa Honduras Districts each had only two branches and bring the total of districts discontinued in Honduras during the past six months to six. Branches from the former districts were absorbed into nearby districts.

These districts were likely originally created with the hope that additional branches would be created as membership growth increased. However between 1998 and 2005 Honduras experienced much slower membership growth nationwide. Growth rates have since increased for 4.5%, but congregational growth remains stagnant. Districts which now include branches from the two former districts both appear unlikely to become stakes in the near future. All remaining districts have three or more branches and are unlikely to be discontinued.

In 2009, about half of the districts worldwide with only two branches were either discontinued or now have three or more branches. Around 22 districts were discontinued in 2009 and around 24 new districts were created. Areas where we may see additional districts discontinued include Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Micronesia, Korea, Australia, and Russia. Most of these countries only have one or two small districts which may be discontinued however.

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