Friday, January 29, 2010

First Branch Created in Southern Sudan

The first formal, independent branch of the Church was created in December 2009 in the capital of Southern Sudan. The Juba Branch met as a group prior to its organization as a branch. The first baptisms occurred in July 2009 in the Nile River when three Sudanese men were baptized. There were reports of new branches created in Sudan prior to this date from missionaries serving in Uganda, but these units appear to be dependent groups. Missionaries report that several groups likely meet in Sudan (both officially organized and interested individuals meeting in the Church's name without Church members).

In other news from the area, a group of LDS members in Djibouti primarily comprised of those in the US military has also fallen under the jurisdiction of the Uganda Kampala Mission.


SR92 said...

Glad to see this happening, now that there's a formal precense and foundation for the church in the country, growth can start to occur at a faster rate.

Obviously, it will take a long time, but give it one or two years and least a hundred active members will exist. Give it another decade, then it should be over 1000.

Ray said...

This is good to hear. I went to the CIA Factbook site on nations and learned that Sudan has about 40
million people. Southern Sudan has around 8 million, although the numbers are in dispute.

Southern Sudan is said to be predominantly Christian but the nation as a whole is 70% Islamic. It was a majority Christian nation until the Egyptian colonization some years back. Ethiopia is one of the oldest Christian nations in the world.

Thanks for your reporting, Matt.

NeciaStanfordBillinghurst said...

The correct date of the organization of the Juba Branch was November 29, 2009, not December. I was there.