Saturday, January 16, 2010

District Discontinued in Argentina

A district was discontinued in northern Argentina by the border with Brazil. The Obera Argentina District was discontinued and the two branches part of the former district now report to the Argentina Resistencia Mission. The Obera Argentina District was originally created in 1993. Another district was discontinued in Argentina early 2009 in Gualeguaychu near the border with Uruguay. No other districts in Argentina appear likely to be discontinued in the near future.

Argentina experienced an increase in congregations each year throughout the 2000s until 2008 while most Latin American countries saw a decline in congregations followed by a weak rebound. Growth appears strongest in Buenos Aires and larger cities were there is an ample supply of members and leaders. Areas covered by the Argentina Resistencia Mission have especially high inactivity according to missionaries.


Ryan Searcy said...

What about the two districts dissolved in Honduras?

Matt said...

Thanks for reminding me. I have written a post about the recently discontinued districts in Honduras.

Quantumleap42 said...

Hi, I just came across this blog and I really like it.

I served in the Obera District from the end of 2002 to the beginning of 2003. At the time I got there there was one branch meeting with ~60 people every week and one group with ~10 people. I was sent there along with 5 other missionaries to "clean up the district" meaning they gave us the membership records of everyone in the district (~2400 people, with ~70 active) and told us to go find everyone and check to see if they still wanted to be a member. If they didn't exist or if they had no idea that they were even a member then we would take them off the membership list. We removed about 500 people from the city of Obera alone. So I guess my claim to fame is that I actually decreased the total number of members on my mission by about 20 times the number that I baptized.

I'm not really surprised to hear that the Obera district got disbanded, they were talking about it when I got there in 2002.