Sunday, July 25, 2021

New Stake in the Philippines

Today, the Church in the Philippines organized a new stake in southern Luzon. The Sipocot Philippines Stake was organized from the Pamplona Philippines District (organized in 2000). The new stake includes the following five wards and two branches: the Libmanan, Lubigan, Pamplona, Pasacao, and Sipocot Wards, and the Del Gallego and Ragay Branches. Most of the congregations in the new stake are Bikolano speaking. The Pamplona Philippines District pertained to the Philippines Naga Mission prior to the creation of the new stake. Now, only stakes operate within the Philippines Naga Mission. Naga appears one of the most likely locations in the Philippines to have a future temple announced given the nearest temple is in the Manila metropolitan area. A future temple in Naga could service seven stakes and six districts in southern Luzon and Masbate, and it appears likely that two of the stakes may divided soon due to a large number of wards. It is unclear whether any of the five districts in southern Luzon appear likely to become stakes soon.

There are now 123 stakes and 56 districts in the Philippines.


Adam said...

Amazing growth when you consider just ten years ago there were more districts than stakes, to now having a gap of 67. The stake was created on the day before the Philippines won their first gold medal in Olympic competition. I spent 6 months in one district that has yet to be upgraded. Hopefully there will be good things in the future.

Eduardo said...

What district and island is that, Adam?
Are there Filipinos who consider themselves of the Lamanites or Book of Mornon peoples?
Is Manny Pacquiau a staunch Catholic? How is the Roman Catholic Church doing in the country?
What are the hardest Filipino languages to learn?
Are police corrupt there?
Is pollution bad?
Some questions to ponder.

Adam said...

Antique District, on the west side of Panay island. They have opened two new branches since I served in 2010, but not sure on their current stats. They formed a district after my mission in Guimaras, but that is still a long ways off. A temple will be opening in Bacolod and I'll likely take a trip out and visit for the first time in over a decade.

They don't consider themselves Book of Mormon people, but they do like to joke that the Tower of Babel likely fell in the Philippines because there are so many languages.

Catholic church is very strong and influential in governmental politics (abortion is still illegal,) however most Catholics aren't very strong in the faith. Makes proselytizing easy as they have somewhat of a basis with Jesus to build off of, though rarely had any sort of relationship with Him.

For a long time they taught only two languages in the MTC, Tagalog and Cebuano, but a few years after my mission split into two they added a third, Hiligaynon, which I was able to help get off and running there while at BYU. The hardest language on Panay island was Aklanon, but talking to those who spoke Tagalog up on Luzon they think that Ilocano is the most difficult.

Didn't really run into the police too much, so not sure, but overall the people there believe the government is pretty corrupt and steal from the pot.

I served in mostly rural areas, but hear the pollution can be pretty bad in Manila. The large cities I served in didn't seem too bad.

Jim Anderson said...

Saw a stake conference from there as a few got out due to the vagaries of the tech needed to broadcast it. They sais (area seventy presiding at the one I saw) that the problem there is full tithe-payers and I think Melchizedek priesthood holders. That is borne out by the statements in some of the area broadcasts the area has put online.

Eduardo said...

I have talked to some people lately from Bikol. They said they speak Bikolandia, which seems odd. Tagalog, too, of course.
What percentage of full time missionaries are Filipino in the Phillipines? How many have to learn new languages?

Eric S. said...

Since it will be two years since the Bacolod temple was announced, I think it is likely that the Philippines next new temple will be announced this Fall. My guesses are either Tacloban or Naga, although I would not be surprised to eventually see temples in both cities.

Groundbreakings were announced today for the Pago Pago and Neiafu temples:

Chris D. said...
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Noel said...

Next week, our Ward here will welcome back the whole congregation. Zoom will still be available for those who are unable to attend for health reasons.
It is school Holidays so members possibly on vacation. But after 16 months we will meet together. Though singing is still not allowed.

Johnathan Reese Whiting said...


Congrats, Noel!

John Pack Lambert said...

My branch went back to full congregation meetings in October and singing in March.

We are pretty much all back to normal, we do not have to wear masks even now.

John Pack Lambert said...

My branch went back to full congregation meetings in October and singing in March.

We are pretty much all back to normal, we do not have to wear masks even now.