Friday, March 19, 2021

March 2021 Temple Predictions List and Map

This Sunday, I will be posting my updated list of likely temple announcements for the upcoming General Conference during the first weekend of April 2021. This is later than usual given I have had little time in recent weeks to review recent developments and make new predictions.


James said...

Hello again, everyone! Last April's General Conference included a Solemn Assembly during the Sunday Morning Session. Because this April's General Conference coincides with Easter Sunday, the Brethren have announced that the Sunday Morning Session will include an Easter Worship Service:

That said, Matt, I look forward to your temple list. For anyone curious about mine, they can find that in the following post on my blog:

My thanks once again to you all.

Eduardo said...

Very cool. I think southern Chile or southern Argentina, i.e. Patagonia ought to get one or two.

Christopher Nicholson said...

Very nice. Of course they've always mentioned Easter when it coincides with General Conference, but I've never seen anything like this. It would be nice if we as a church gave Easter half as much attention as Christmas. Granted, it would help if Easter didn't fall on a completely different date every year.

Jim Anderson said...

I am thinking they may announce one if not this time a conference or two later for north Sandy, especially given that Taylorsville and Deseret Peak whittled down the Salt Lake Temple district, and Salt Lake doubling capacity in a way that is tantamount to announcing a second temple in the north end of the valley.

So nothing probably north of 62nd South but they may have something up their sleeve for not that far south but in Sandy.

Imagine a man with a double breasted coat or vest. The west side with taylorsville, Oquirrh Mountain, and eventually the Herriman possibility.

The east side would be the Sandy possibility (north end of that), Jordan River, and Draper. That would be like the right side of the coat or vest.

Elder Christensen said that Taylorsville was 'just the beginning of the temples that would be announced'. so other places not known may be being considered to, in what order not known.

Anonymous said...

Springville, UT
Tacoma, WA
Belo Horizonte
La Paz, Bolivia

Unknown said...

@Jim Anderson, could you elaborate on the quote from Elder Christensen? That sounds very interesting!

Unknown said...

I predict (meaning, I think there is a greater than 50% chance this conference):

Torreon, Mexico
Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico or Coacalco, Mexico (but not both)
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Kumasi, Ghana
Tacloban City, Philippines

I predict the following in the next 1-3 years (meaning, I think there is a less than 50% chance this conference but a greater than 50% chance in the next few conferences, so I am sharing in case they come a little sooner than I expect):

Casper, Wyoming
Cache valley, Utah (probably the north end of Logan or Hyde Park)
Herriman, Utah
Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic
Iquitos, Peru
Chiclayo, Peru
Puerto Montt, Chile
Monrovia, Liberia
Uyo, Nigeria
Kananga, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Kampala, Uganda
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Maracaibo, Venezuela (contingent on the Venezuelan government ceasing to regard the church as a foreign agent -- could be a while, but as soon as things are more stable in Venezuela I think this will be built)

Daniel Moretti said...

I believe you hit the target, friend.

Jim Anderson said...

Not exactly sure where the Elder Christensen quote came from, but it may have been the Church News, as Newsroom said nothing and it did not make the tape made of the event due to the virus.

Unknown said...

Charlotte NC

Unknown said...

I am hoping for a temple to be announced in Farmington, Utah. The Bountiful Temple was always operating at max capacity from what I have heard, and I do not think that the Layton and Syracuse Temples will take away a lot of that attendence.

Jim Anderson said...

Farmington does make some sense, as the pattern in Utah seems to be normally 5-7 miles apart now, can be a little less due to available sites. Layton will be halfway between the I-15 and (under construction) US-89 freeways. However, it may not be quite yet because there are fewer people in that area as there is still sort of a lightly developed gap north of Lagoon, and near the probably defunct Cherry Hill amusement park.

The biggest possibilities this go-around are Herriman, north Lehi east of the tech companies, but south of Timpanogos Highway, Heber Valley, and Sandy north of 90th/94th South and east of 9th East. That last one for spacing to both Jordan River and Draper, and another possibility from another thread is where a meetinghouse burned on Wasatch Blvd. using that same thinking as to what is known about Taylorsville in relation to other completed temples.

Syracuse will likely run at a high rate due to its proximity to a new freeway that will begin construction, and that one is being built also based on growth projections, UDOT is building the freeway based on those same projections. The north Lehi possibility due to very explosive growth there indicated by a mission presidency member at a recent stake conference I saw because the Church network failed the morning he talked about it in a stake conference and I found the broadcast slightly afterward due to where it was done.

twinnumerouno said...

It's interesting to go back after conference and see which of the new temples were predicted and which were not. Unknown's predictions (on March 20th at 5:40 PM) got 4 of 5 in his/her more likely list, along with 2 from the less likely category.