Wednesday, June 20, 2018

New Stakes Created in Nigeria (2) and Brazil; New Districts Created in Ghana and Liberia

Two new stakes have been created in Nigeria.

The Asaba Nigeria Stake was organized from the Nigeria Asaba District on June 10th. The Asaba Nigeria District was originally created in 2006. Information on which seven branches became wards in the new stake remains unavailable. The Asaba Nigeria Stake is the Church's fourth new stake organized within the boundaries of the Nigeria Benin City Mission since January 2018. There are now two stakes in Delta State.

The Aba Nigeria Umuola Stake was organized on June 10th. Information on which congregations are assigned to the new stake remains unavailable. However, it appears that the stake was organized from a division of the Aba Nigeria Ogbor Hill Stake which had 10 wards and 5 branches prior to the creation of the new stake. There are now four stakes in Aba where the Church's sole Nigerian temple operates. There are now six stakes and one districts in Abia State.

There are now 50 stakes and 15 districts in Nigeria. The Church in Nigeria now ties with Canada as the country with the eighth most stakes worldwide. Members report that the 100th stake in West Africa will be organized this Sunday in Nigeria in the Ukat Aran area. Several additional stakes will likely be organized in Nigeria before the end of 2018 or in 2019 such as in Lagos, Abeokuta, Ibadan, Warri, Aba, and Port Harcourt. See below for a map of stakes, districts, and missions in Nigeria.

A new stake was created in Ceará State, Brazil. The Fortaleza Brazil Dunas Stake was created from a division of the Fortaleza Brazil Stake. The new stake includes the following five wards: the Guararapes, Jardim das Oliveiras, Mucuripe, Nova Aldeota, and Tancredo Neves Wards. There are now 16 stakes in the Fortaleza metropolitan area - the second most stakes in a metropolitan area in Brazil.

There are now 271 stakes and 38 districts in Brazil.

A new district was created in the Ghana Kumasi Mission. The Bibiani Ghana District was organized from the following three former mission branches: the Bibiani Estates, Gyedi, and Sefwi Bekwai Branches. The Church first established a presence in Bibani in 2012. The original Bibiani Branch reported that essentially all of its members were active a couple years ago. Two of the branches function in Bibiani, whereas one of the branches meets in Bekwai.

There are now 23 stakes and 10 districts in Ghana.

The Church organized its first district outside of Monrovia on June 10th. The Kakata Liberia District was organized from two former mission branches with nearly 500 people in attendance. The new district includes the following three branches: Kakata 1st, Kakata 2nd, and Kakata 3rd Branches. The Kakata 3rd Branch was organized on the same day as the new district.

There are now four stakes and one district in Liberia.


R. Jofre said...

What's happening in Nigeria is beautiful. It gives me such a warm feeling.
And Liberia, 500 people in attendance representing just two branches. Amazing.

Andrew Reed said...

Love seeing solid growth for Nigeria. Congratulations to the active saints there.

Eduardo said...

I challenge anybody to find a program that trains as many native inhabitants of sub-Saharan Africa to be self sufficient and progress like the Church has. When the hearts are willing as thousands of them are, these organizations and programs of the Gospel are amazingly driven. One could argue that the Spirit of God combined with faith of these followers is producing a marvelous work and a wonder. LeGrand Richards would be a chronicler of such things, I'm sure.

JSA said...

Edmond Oklahoma Stake (2118580) created June 17 2018
McLoud Branch (Correctional Facility) (1009893)
Cushing Ward (40843)
Edmond 1st Ward (89176)
Edmond 2nd Ward (170097)
Edmond 3rd Ward (186031)
Edmond 4th Ward (2045494)
Oklahoma City YSA Ward (229288)
Shawnee Ward (41394)
Village Ward (279692)

Jim Coles said...

Do the numbers actually mean anything on the post about the Edmond Oklahoma Stake or are they just for identification purposes?

J S A said...

Unit identification numbers

James Anderson said...

Editorial changes in Preach My Gospel announced. That's three significant changes this week. The others were the start of the project to create an updated hymnbook Monday and changes made to Handbook 1, 7.1, in regards to youth interviews. even has the revised section included with the story.

Christopher Duerig said...

I´ve spent the last year or so updating the Wiki List of ALL the Church Stakes (Past and Present) with known name changes and organization dates (from Deseret News Church Almanac 2010 (online links) and 2013) and LDSTemples website previously), organized by Country, State and Provinces, or Regions).

Here is the link to Wiki :

Many of the recent name changes since 2013 Church Almanac, i couldn´t find the actual name change date from any source. I listed the date as (****-**-**)...and i used all other dates in the (Year-Month-Date) format since Wiki is international website and different countries use different Date formats.

I encourage any others to make corrections to the same of missing info, or updated changes. Thank You.

James Anderson said...

For some information, look for articles under 'Inspiration and News' on, click that, then click 'Church News' in the dropdown you see, may not be easily found but some dates for new and reorganized with name changes are there

Mario Miguel said...

Are there American missionaries serving in Nigeria?

John Pack Lambert said...

How significant are the changes to youth interviews? I am not clear that much changed, especially from directives given in March.

Unknown said...

It's all a huge sad joke for the Nigerian people.
God bless us and them, cuz we all need his blessings, along with the leaders in SLC, Utah.

Unknown said...

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Love to hear from anyone who cares.