Friday, June 1, 2018

May 2018 Newsletter

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Eduardo said...


Gnesileah said...

Cotonou Benin Stake
- Akpakpa Branch upgraded to ward

Katoka Democratic Republic of the Congo Stake
- Walikale Ward created

Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Binza Stake
- Nganda Ward created

Abak Nigeria Stake
- Ikot Ntuk Branch upgraded to ward

Port Harcourt Nigeria North Stake
- Isiodu Branch upgraded to ward

Umuahia Nigeria Stake
- Umudike Branch created

Bindura Zimbabwe District
- Retreat Branch created

Gnesileah said...

Daejeon Korea Stake
- Yuseong Ward renamed Daejeon 1st Ward
- Samseong Ward renamed Daejeon 2nd Ward
- Dunsan Ward discontinued
- Seonhwa Ward discontinued

Bacoor Philippines Stake
- Bacoor Ward renamed Bacoor 1st Ward
- Bacoor 2nd Ward created
- Medicion Ward created

Trento Philippines District
- upgraded to stake
- renamed San Francisco Philippines Stake
- Prosperidad, San Francisco, Santa Josefa, Trento, and Veruela Branch upgraded to wards

Gnesileah said...

Brussels Belgium Stake
- Ixelles Branch (Spanish) created

Bulgaria/Central Eurasian Mission
- Central Eurasian Mission 2nd [Kazakhstan] Branch discontinued

Paisley Scotland Stake
- Beith Branch discontinued

Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine District
- District discontinued
- Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine District branch discontinued
- Dnepropetrovsk Livoberezhna Branch transferred to Kharkov Ukraine District and renamed Dnepr Left Bank Branch
- Dnepropetrovsk Pobedy Branch transferred to Kharkov Ukraine District and renamed Dnepr Pobeda Branch
- Dnepropetrovsk Tsentralny Branch transferred to Kharkov Ukraine District and renamed Dnepr Central Branch
- Zaporizhzhia Branch transferred to the Kharkov Ukraine District

Gnesileah said...

Clorinda Argentina District
- Clorinda 2nd Branch discontinued
- Clorinda 1st Branch renamed Clorinda Branch

Córdoba Argentina South Stake
- Valle Alegre Branch created

Araraquara Brazil Stake
- Araraquara 5th Branch upgraded to Pinheiros Ward

Montería Colombia Stake
- Zenu Ward renamed Monteverde Ward
- Mocari Branch discontinued

Paita Perú District
- Pueblo Nuevo Branch created

Mérida Venezuela Stake
- Charma Ward renamed El Charma Ward

Gnesileah said...

Queen Creek Arizona North Stake
- Langley Gateway Ward created

Tampa Florida Stake
- Tampa 1st Ward renamed South Tampa Ward
- Tampa 2nd Ward renamed Wesley Chapel Ward
- Tampa 5th Ward (Spanish) renamed Tampa Ward (Spanish)

Blackstone Valley Massachusetts Stake
- Franklin 2nd Branch upgraded to ward

Syracuse New York Stake
- Pulaski Ward downgraded to branch

Gresham Oregon Stake
- Rocky Butte Ward discontinued

Salt Lake Granger West Stake
- Granger West 5th Branch (Marshallese) upgraded to ward

Eduardo said...

Amazing to see Pacific Island natives and their units exist in Salt Lake or other places.
I think I saw published a list of Tongan, Samoan, and other US-based Polynesian congregations. California probably has second most after Utah, or maybe more?
Growth in Massachusetts seems to be steady.

John Pack Lambert said...

Utah has more Polynesian language stakes but the count of wards and branches is harder. I also have to wonder how many language specific groups operate in the US.

At least in Utah there are lots of partially Polynesian families who generally attended English designated units.

Gnesileah said...

The number of official Polynesian/Micronesian/Melanesian language units (excluding groups) located in the U.S. (excluding territories) are:

Chuukese (1 b)
Fijian (1 w, 1 b)
Marshallese (1 w, 7 b)
Pohnpeian (1 b)
Samoan (43 w, 2 b)
Tongan (75 w, 7 b)

The above 139 language units are located in:
UT(60), CA(46), HI(15), WA(5), AK(3), TX(3), NV(2), OR(2), AR(1), NC(1), OK(1)

Eduardo said...

Nice job.

Ray said...

Gnesileah, a couple of years ago there was a Karen (Burmese) branch in Salt Lake City. Does that still exist? Thanks for displaying the Polynesian/Micronesian/Melanesian Church units in the US.

There are more Samoan and Tongan units in other nations, such as New Zealand and Australia. I'm wondering if Canada has some as well.

Gnesileah said...

Hi Ray! Yes the Columbus Branch (Karen) still exists, in the South Salt Lake Stake.

Other nations that have Pacific-language speaking units besides the country of origin and the U.S. are:

Australia -- 14 Samoan wards, 2 Samoan branches, and 8 Tongan wards.

New Zealand -- 1 Kiribati branch, 1 Niuean ward, 20 Samoan wards, 16 Tongan wards, and 2 Tongan branches.

American Samoa -- 2 Tongan wards.