Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Districts Created in Argentina and Kenya

On September 28th, the Church created a new district in Argentina. The San Martin Argentina District was organized from a division of the Maipú de Cuyo Argentina Stake and appears to include the following five branches: the Palmira, Rivadavia, San Martin 1st, San Martin 2nd, and Tres Portenas Branches. The organization of the new district becomes the Church's first new district to be created in Argentina since 2006. Within the past eight years, the Church has discontinued eight of its member districts due to significant congregational decline. Most of these discontinued districts have been merged with nearby stakes. The creation of the new district in San Martin appears due to focus on the creation of a stake one day in San Martin with greater supervision from the Argentina Mendoza Mission in this process.

There are now 73 stakes and 32 districts in Argentina.

On October 12th, the Church created a new district in Kenya. The Kilungu Hills Kenya District was organized from five mission branches in the Kilungu Hills, including Ilima, Kalongo, Kilili, Kyambeke, and Matini. The Church has operated branches in this remote area of Kenya for over two decades and has experienced steady growth despite its rural, difficult-to-access location. Click here to access a recent case study examining LDS growth in the Kilungu Hills.

The Church also appears posed to create its second stake in Kenya within the foreseeable future as the Nairobi Kenya Stake now has 12 wards and three branches. The creation of a second stake on Nairobi would significantly improve prospects of the Church announcing a small temple in the city to service East Africa.

There is now one stake and three districts in Kenya.


Ryan Searcy said...

I have not seen it yet, but Meet the Mormons in Anchorage was extended another week and starting Friday, increasing to 5 showings a day. I hear the showings are well attended, and the theater rooms are quite large.

Eduardo said...

The LDS Church, ie Church of Jesus Christ, has always been interested in broadcasting its messages, which this new movie is a part of. I commented to a seminary teacher lately that I would like to see a comparative church/religion film, showing people of other faiths as well. I think critics would like that more, although we do not always have to pander to critics. But again, a documentary would be a neat format to compare peoples of differing faiths.

Great news about Argentina. There are so many members between Argentina and Chile, (through in Urugyuay and you have almost a million), it is encouraging to see the units make a slight comeback. I hope to see more in the future.

Africa is a constant place of growth. I wonder if all the displaced elders and sisters are having an effect now.

Unknown said...

From my understanding, Missionaries from Liberia and Sierra Leone were all assigned to other Missions within the Africa West Area - The most notable step clearly attributed to them is the outreach expansion in the Volta Region of Ghana.

As for Kenya, I would not be surprised to see the number of stakes increase from one to four in a relatively short amount of time. The Chyulu District has 10 branches and there were some reports about a year ago that the district was about to reach the qualifications for a stake. The Eldoret District also has nine branches. It is also thinkable that several stakes could be created simultaneously within a week or two.