Wednesday, October 22, 2014

District Discontinued in Thailand

Last Sunday, the Church discontinued a district in Thailand. Organized in 1989, the Khon Kaen Thailand District was consolidated with the Ubon Thailand and Udorn Thailand Districts. The former district had five branches prior to the district realignment. Missionaries report that the area is very close to having two new stakes within the foreseeable future and that the decision to close the Khon Kaen Thailand District was based on helping the two other districts in northeastern Thailand meet the minimum criteria for stakes to operate. Currently the Ubon Thailand District has nine branches and one member group, whereas the Udorn Thailand District now has seven branches (including the Vientiane Branch in Laos).

There are now two stakes and four districts in Thailand.


Mike Johnson said...

From LDS Maps, the Khon Kaen Branch is now in the Udorn Thailand District, while the other four branches of the former Khon Kaen District, Kalasin, Korat, Mahasarakham, and Roi-Et branches, are now in the Ubon Thailand District.

Mike Johnson said...

It therefore appears that the districts have the following branches

Ubon Thailand District

Kalasin Branch
Korat Branch
Mahasarakham Branch
Roi-Et Branch
Buriram Branch
Srisaket Branch
Surin Branch
Ubon Branch
Yasothorn Branch

Udorn Thailand District

Khon Kaen Branch
Kumpawapi Branch
Nong Khai Branch
Sakhon Nakorn Branch
Udorn 1st Branch
Udorn 2nd Branch

nojensen said...

Today (October 26) in the Katy Texas Stake, the Cross Creek Ward was organized from the Katy 3rd Ward and the Katy 4th Ward. Also, the Katy 3rd Ward was renamed the Grand Lakes Ward and the Katy 4th Ward was renamed the Cinco West Ward. There are now ten wards and two branches in the Katy Texas Stake.

Eduardo said...

Where is Katy, and how do you pronounce it? Is there oil development going on there?

Matt said...

Katy... is pronounced Katie is a growing suburb on the westside of Houston near the Energy Corridor (area where a lot of energy companies are headquartered the along I-10 Fwy) .. lots of LDS members live in Katy.

Michael said...

On 19 October 2014, the following wards and branches were created:

Chbar Ampov Branch, in the Phnom Penh Cambodia East District.
The district now has 5 branches:
Chamkarmorn Branch
Chbar Ampov Branch
Kean Svay Branch
Ta Khmau 1st Branch
Ta Khmau 2nd Branch

Kranj Branch, in the Ljubljana Slovenia District.
The district now has 4 branches:
Celje Branch
Kranj Branch
Ljubljana Branch
Maribor Branch

Mansilingan 3rd Branch, in the Bacolod Philippines South Stake.
The stake now has 8 wards and 2 branches:
Alijis Ward
Handumanan 1st Ward
Handumanan 2nd Ward
Mansilingan 1st Ward
Mansilingan 2nd Ward
Paglaum Village Ward
Sum-ag Ward
Tangub Ward
Mansilingan 3rd Branch
Murcia Branch

Salinas Branch, in the Caguas Puerto Rico Stake.
The stake now has 5 wards and 4 branches:
Caguas Ward
Cayey Ward
Guayama Ward
Humacao Ward
Juncos Ward
Aguas Buenas Branch
Aibonito Branch
Arroyo Branch
Salinas Branch

Highline Ward, in the Aurora Colorado Stake.
The stake now has 7 wards and 1 branch:
Coal Creek Ward
Denver 3rd Ward (Spanish)
Highline Ward
Highpoint Ward
Peoria Ward
Sable Ward
Strasburg Ward
Laredo YSA Branch

Peak View Ward, in the Longmont Colorado Stake.
The stake now has 9 wards and 1 branch:
Highland Lake Ward
Left Hand Creek Ward
Longs Peak Ward
Mountain View Ward
Peak View Ward
Rinn Valley Ward
Saddleback Ward
Union Ward
Ute Creek Ward
Estes Park Branch

Santa Clara 16th Ward, in the Santa Clara Utah Heights Stake.
The stake now has 9 wards:
Santa Clara 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 15th, and 16th Wards.

Michael said...

On 26 October 2014, the Bentonville Arkansas Stake was created from a division of the Rogers Arkansas Stake.

The Bentonville Stake has the following 7 wards:
Bella Vista Ward
Bentonville 1st Ward
Bentonville 2nd Ward
Centerton Ward
Central Park Ward
Elm Tree Ward
Grove Ward

The Rogers Stake now has the following 5 wards and 4 branches:
Anderson Ward
Little Flock Ward
Rogers 1st Ward
Rogers 2nd Ward (Spanish)
Sugar Creek Ward
Berryville Branch [from the Springfield Missouri South stake]
Metfield Branch
Pea Ridge Branch
Rogers YSA Branch

On 26 October 2014, the Monett Missouri Stake was created from divisions of the Joplin Missouri and Springfield Missouri stakes.

The Monett Stake has the following 5 wards and 2 branches:
Aurora Ward
Carthage Ward
Granby Ward
Monett Ward
Stockton Ward
Cassville Branch
Joplin YSA Branch

The Joplin Stake now has the following 7 wards and 2 branches:
Joplin 1st Ward
Joplin 2nd Ward
Miami Ward
Neosho Ward
Nevada Ward
Pittsburg Ward
Webb City Ward
Fort Scott Branch
Parsons Branch

The Springfield Missouri Stake now has the following 7 wards and 1 branch:
Bolivar Ward
Marshfield Ward
Springfield 1st Ward
Springfield 2nd Ward
Springfield YSA Ward
Willard 1st Ward
Willard 2nd Ward
Fordland Branch

On 26 October 2014, the Oakhurst Ward was created in the Kingwood Texas Stake.
The Kingwood Stake has the following 8 wards and 2 branches:
Atascocita Ward
Cleveland 1st Ward
Humble Ward
Kingwood 1st Ward
Kingwood 2nd Ward
Kingwood 3rd Ward
Livingston Ward
Oakhurst Ward
Cleveland 2nd Branch (Spanish)
San Jacinto River Branch (Spanish)

On 26 October 2014, the Mangaldan 3rd Branch was created in the Mangaldan Philippines District.
The Mangaldan District has the following 8 branches:
Manaoag Branch
Mangaldan 1st Branch
Mangaldan 2nd Branch
Mangaldan 3rd Branch
Mapandan Branch
San Fabian 1st Branch
San Fabian 2nd Branch
San Jacinto Branch

Mike Johnson said...

Michael, thank you for supplying the unit creations that I am no long in a position to supply.

Michael said...

You're welcome, I always appreciated your updates. Congratulations on your new calling! I will try to keep up with them.

Matt said...

Thanks Michael.

I was also just called as Gospel doctrine teacher in my ward. I am very excited!

Eduardo said...

My ward has not baptized that well the last few years (converts; Child of Record has been constant, almost one per month). Maybe 6 or 7 in the last 5 years. But we hope to baptize a good number (6-12) in the next few months.

We hope. Good to see growth most places. Even individually.

Adam said...

Just got an email from a missionary serving there. Not sure which is which, but apparently one is going to become a stake in the next few months and the other is expected sometime next year. It'll be interesting to see who gets the temple between Thailand and Cambodia, but I'd guess that Thailand will since they have a higher membership and more units.