Monday, September 1, 2014

First LDS Member Group Opens in the Northern DR Congo

Mission leaders in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa Mission report that a member group now assembles in Kisangani and that 32 converts were recently baptized into the group. The operation of the Kisangani Group constitutes the first time that the Church has operated in the northern half of the DR Congo and has occurred shortly after the Church organized its first member group in Bukavu located near the Burundi/Rwanda border.

See below for a map of known LDS congregations in the DR Congo outside of Kinshasa and Lubumbashi.

View Wards and Branches outside of Kinshasa and Lubumbashi (DR Congo) in a larger map


Reed said...

Mike, I have not heard of the Sunshine Coast Australia stake before. Is this a new unit, or has an older stake been renamed? Reed

Mike Johnson said...

The Makelekele Republic of Congo Stake was created on 31 August. There are 5 wards in the stake:

BaCongo Ward
Guynemer Ward
Kinsoundi Ward
Makelekele Ward
Mfilou Ward

The Moses Lake 11th Ward, Moses Lake Washington Stake, was created on 31 August. There are now 11 wards and 1 branch in the stake:

Moses Lake 1st Ward
Moses Lake 2nd Ward
Moses Lake 3rd Ward
Moses Lake 4th Ward
Moses Lake 5th Ward
Moses Lake 6th Ward
Moses Lake 7th Ward
Moses Lake 8th Ward
Moses Lake 10th Ward
Moses Lake 11th Ward
Moses Lake YSA Ward
Moses Lake 9th Branch (Spanish)

Mike Johnson said...

The Sunshine Coast Australia Stake was created in 1996 and is north of Brisbane in Queensland. It currently has the following units:

Buderim Ward
Bundaberg Ward
Forest Glen Ward
Gympie Ward
Hervey Bay Ward
Kawana Waters Ward
Nambour Ward
Kingaroy Branch

Aaron and Kamyra said...

The Sunshine coast Australia stake is a rename. it was formally the Nambour Australia stake. 2 years ago they added branches from the Bundaberg district; bundaberg branch and Hervey Bay Branch, made them wards and renamed it the Sunshine Coast Australia Stake.

John Pack Lambert said...

The new group in the DR Congo Kinshasa mission is probably in part a result of more resources being at the disposal of the mission without it having to cover an additional 5 countries.