Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Stake Created in American Samoa

Last Sunday a new stake was created in American Samoa.  The Pago Pago Samoa Malaeimi Stake was created from a realignment of the four preexisting stakes in American Samoa and includes six wards.  Church leaders indicate that the creation of the new stake was possible due to consistent numbers of Samoans joining the Church and successful reactivation efforts.  The last new stake to be created in American Samoa was in 1997.  For more information, visit a news article on the creation of the new stake here.


L. Chris Jones said...

I hope this means a temple for American Samoa soon. By the way will you have a new updated potential temple list soon?

Will said...
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John Pack Lambert said...

I guess 5 solid stakes is in theory enough to run a temple, so maybe I should hope for a temple in American Samoa.