Friday, August 3, 2012

LDS Growth Accelerates in Cape Verde

The Church has recently experienced an acceleration of growth in Cape Verde that has been unprecedented since the early 1990s.  Within the past year, the Church organized the first stake in the capital city (Praia) and has organized five new branches and one new group (the Ponta do Sol, Praia 5th, Relva, Ribeirão Manuel, and São Filipe 2nd Branches and the Calheta Group).  Furthermore, local leaders report that the number of members serving missions from Cape Verde has doubled within the past year.  This recent surge of congregational growth comes after years of stagnant congregational growth and significant member activity and convert retention issues.  Although Cape Verde continues to experience mediocre member activity rates, the Church appears to have made noticeable progress in improving convert retention and restarting mission outreach expansion efforts.  Today about two percent of the population is nominally LDS.

Cape Verde is an island archipelago nation off the coast of West Africa inhabited by slightly more than half a million people.  The Church was first established in the late 1980s and experienced rapid growth during the first five years of proselytism.  The country profile can be found here and the LDS International Atlas map can be found here.


Ray said...

Matt, thanks for the update on Cape Verde. This confirms one of your earlier observations that Church growth is often higher in island communities, and I believe that Cape Verde has the highest LDS percentage of any nation outside Latin America and the Pacific.

Here is the Church-reported July growth:

Total increase in wards and branches + 19 (+30W,-11br); US + 8: + 7 W + 1 br; non-US + 11: + 23 W - 12 br, + 1 stake - 1 district (Nigeria)
2012 to date + 107: + 198 W, - 91 br, + 30 stakes (+ 33 - 3) - 12 districts, + 23 temples, + 7 missions

US YTD + 47; + 74 W - 27 br, + 10 stakes, - 1 dist. + 1 temple, + 4 missions
non-US YTD + 60: + 124 W - 64 br, + 20 stakes - 11 districts, + 1 temples + 3 missions

Ray said...

Correction: 2012 to date Church growth + 2 temples, not + 23 temples.

Matt said...

Thanks for the updates!