Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Stake in Delaware; District Discontinued in New York


The Church will create its second stake in the state of Delaware tomorrow from a division of the Wilmington Delaware Stake which currently has 12 wards and four branches.  The new stake will be called the Dover Delaware Stake.

New York

The Brooklyn New York North District was recently discontinued and consolidated with the Brooklyn New York Stake.  The former district had three of its five branches closed as part of the consolidation.  It is unclear exactly why so many branches were closed as part of the closure of the district, but low member activity rates appear the most likely culprit.


alien236 said...

Disappointing for Brooklyn. I had hoped that the Book of Mormon musical would spur greater growth in southern New York.

John said...

The new Dover Delaware Stake has the Dover 1st, Harrington, Salisbury 1st, Salisbury 2nd, Seaford, and Smyrna wards and the Cambridge and Dover 2nd branches. The Wilmington Delaware Stake keeps the Bayview, New Castle, Newark 1st, Newark 3rd, Wilmington 1st, and Wilmington 2nd wards and the Newark YSA and Wilmington 3rd (Spanish) branches.

John Pack Lambert said...

Somehow I do not think the BofM musical has lead to much church growth. Even if it has, the people who can afford to attend it are not the type of people who live in the Brooklyn North District. People who live in north Brooklyn do not have that type of discretionary money, unless it has been through more gentrification than I realize. If it has been gentrified, than it is entirely possible that the largely Hispanic membership of the Brooklyn North District has been displaced to other areas.