Friday, April 6, 2012

New District in Haiti

Three Sundays ago a new district was created in Haiti for the first time since 1999.  The Saint Marc Haiti District was organized from the Gonaïves Haiti District and includes four branches: The Deschapelles, Haut St Marc, Pivert, and St Marc Branches.  There are now two stakes and three districts in Haiti.

Several new wards have also been recently organized in Port-au-Prince and the two stakes have a combined total of 19 wards at present.  It is likely that a third stake may be created within the next couple years due recent congregational growth.


alien236 said...

Matt, do you think this growth has anything to do with the LDS humanitarian aid in the wake of the 2010 earthquake?

Also, the Brooklyn New York North District was recently discontinued and the first stake will soon be organized in the Brazilian state of Amapa.

Adam said...

From what I've heard, it is probably the amount of missionaries serving from Haiti. The whole country is self-sufficient in missionaries, and they often have to export them to America. Any area with a surplus in missionaries will become strong moving forward.

Matt said...

Thanks for the updates.

The LDS Church in Haiti has dramatically fewer members than most other proselytizing faiths. The Seventh Day Adventist Church reports 370,985 members meeting in 492 congregations and Jehovah's Witnesses have 17,954 active members in 227 congregations. The recent growth in the number of congregations in Port-au-Prince and in northern Haiti are welcome developments. I would attribute recent successes to the self-sufficient missionary force that is completely comprised of Haitians.