Friday, November 4, 2011

Stake Discontinued in Panama

For the first time a stake has been discontinued in Panama.  Organized in 1998, the San Isidro Panamá Stake consisted of five wards and one branch and was consolidated with the neighboring San Miguelito Panamá Stake which had only four wards.  Congregation consolidations have occurred regularly throughout Panama and recently have occurred in the Panama City area.  The LDS Church reached a high of 112 congregations in 2001 and today there are 73 congregations nationwide; a decrease of 39 units in only a decade.  Low member activity and convert retention rates appear primarily to blame for this major contraction in LDS outreach and congregations.  Additional stakes may be consolidated if additional wards and branches are closed.  There are now seven stakes and five districts in Panama.

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Ray said...

It is encouraging to note that a new branch was reported today for Panama, and while Panama has seen a notable decline in wards and branches in recent years, the neighboring countries of Nicaragua, Peru, and Venezuela have reported considerable growth in recent years.