Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Stakes in Colombia and Utah


A new stake was organized in the Bogotá area.  The Bogotá Colombia La Libertad was created from the Soacha Colombia and Bogotá Colombia Kennedy Stakes and includes the following six wards and one branch: The Bosa, Casablanca, La Libertad, Patiobonito, Piamonte, and Roma Wards and the Tintal Branch.  The Soacha Colombia Stake now has five wards whereas the Bogotá Colombia Kennedy Stake has six wards.  Notwithstanding rapid congregation growth in the Bogotá area during the 1990s when the number of stakes doubled from four to eight, congregational growth in the 2000s was very slow and limited primarily to the Soacha area.  The new stake becomes the first new stake organized in the Bogotá area since the Soacha Colombia Stake in 2003.  There are now 29 stakes and 12 districts in Colombia.


A new stake was created in Utah.  The Farmington Utah West Stake was created from the Farmington Utah and Farmington Utah Oakridge Stakes and includes the following seven wards: The Farmington Pointe, Farmington Ranches 1st, Farmington Ranches 2nd, Farmington Ranches 3rd, Farmington Ranches 4th, Hunters Creek, and Quail Crossing Wards.  There are now five stakes in Farmington and 556 in Utah.

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Gregg said...

Saratoga Springs Stake and Saratoga Springs South Stake were both split to create a third stake Saratoga Crossroads Stake,yesterday. 11-20-11