Thursday, November 27, 2008

Recent Church Growth News and Potential Mexican Temples

New stake in Brazil

According to a missionary serving in the Brazil Belem Mission, the Imperatriz Brazil District has become or will shortly be made into a stake. The Stake will consist of five wards located in the Brazilian state of Maranhão. Only one stake has existed in this state in São Luís, which is one of the poorest in Brazil. This stake is the only stake (so far) this year that has been created in Brazil. If anyone can please validate that a stake has been created in Imperatriz, I would appreciate it (the Church's temple district listings still list it as a district in the Sao Paolo Brazil Temple District).

Record Number of baptisms in Trinidad and Tobago and portions of Brazil and Argentina

Missionaries have reported that the West Indies Mission will surpass its highest baptizing month. As of last Sunday, there have been 211 baptisms and confirmations. In Brazil and Argentina, at least a couple missions have set new records for baptisms. This is good news and hopefully we will also see an increase in new congregations in these areas in the coming year or two.

Strong missionary activity in East Malaysia

The city of Sibu, East Malaysia recently had over 50 investigators attend Church meetings, dozens of whom have slated baptismal dates. There are plans next year to divided the branch into three branches. This will make Sibu a likely candidate for a district forming in the coming year or two. Six young elders serve in the city.

President Monson prophesies of additional temples in Mexico

On his trip to rededicate the Mexico City Mexico Temple after extensive renovations, President Monson spoke concerning the building of temples in Mexico.
After rededicating the temple, President Monson spoke of his love for the
Mexican people. The church will continue to grow here, he said — and so will
temple building efforts in Mexico.
"There will be more," he said.

I found it exciting that he made such a prophesy in a country with 12 temples currently operating. Mexico is the country with the second most temples after the United States (which now has 70 temples announced, under construction, or operating). Brazil, with the third most members after the U.S. and Mexico, only has six temples announced, under construction or operating and more stakes than Mexico (but Mexico has the second most congregations with almost 2,000).

So now the big question: Where will future temples in Mexico likely be built? Below is a list of potential Mexican temples, with the number of stakes and districts they could serve.

  • Aguascalientes Mexico (7 stakes, 1 district)
  • Cuautla Mexico (11 stakes, 3 districts)
  • Culiacan Mexico (7 stakes, 3 districts)
  • Puebla Mexico (12 stakes)
  • Reynosa Mexico* (7 stakes, 1 district)
  • Tijuana Mexico (9 stakes, 1 district)
  • Torreon Mexico (7 stakes, 3 districts)

*Indicates some of the stakes in potential temple district would be in the United States

These cities seem most likely to receive a temple because each has had stakes for a couple decades, are far enough away from another pre-existing temple, and often have stakes which grow quickly or are close to dividing. Other cities which could be potential candidates are Chihuahua and Juchitan, but a temple in either of these locations would serve less than five stakes.

I added Tijuana as well considering it is difficult for members to cross the border into the U.S. and attend the temple in San Diego. I appreciate a fellow blogger pointing out the possibility of a temple in this Mexican city.


mrcuff said...

I read a blog (probably the same one you are referring to here) that says that the stake was created on October 27. I have not heard from an offical source.

Matt said...

I would assume that the border town of Tijuana would get a temple too. Most temple patrons on Saturday at the San Diego Temple are from Tijuana. With border crossings now exceeding 2 hours wait most times, the 7 stakes in Baja California Norte deserve their own temple.