Monday, November 10, 2008

Non-African Missionaries Return to the Ivory Coast

This past summer, the countries of Benin and Togo were transferred from the Ghana Cape Coast Mission to the Abidjan Ivory Coast Mission. Furthermore, with the mission re-alignment, non-African missionaries are now being called to serve in the Ivory Coast. Non-African missionaries left the country four years ago and have not returned since due to civil war and instability in the government. The growth of the Church has been consistent and strong in the Ivory Coast, with membership growth rates varying between 8 and 14% since 2000. The first stake was organized in the capital back in 1997 and two more stakes were organized in 2000 and 2006. Within the past couple years, several cities had branches formed in them (like Divo and San Pedro). It seems likely that a district will be organized in Yamoussoukro, considering there are now a few branches in the city.

There are around 12,500 members in the country and five cities with over 100,000 inhabitants without a branch or missionaries.

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