Monday, October 20, 2008

New Stakes in Utah

Yesterday at least two new stakes were created in Utah. The South Jordan Daybreak Stake (had 14 wards and a branch) was split as well as the Pleasant View Utah Stake (had 15 wards). There might have been another stake created as well.

This brings the total number of stakes created in Utah this year to at least seven.


TempleRick said...

The new stakes are called the Pleasant View Utah South Stake and the South Jordan Utah Founders Park Stake.

chris jones said...

What would be the chance for another temple in northern Utah County? I have noticed you have several stakes in the MT. Timp. Temple district as possible soon to be spit. Is that temple busy enough to justify another temple close by such as in Lehi?
Also I wonder if the Salt Lake Temple is busy enough for a nother temple in its district such as Magna or Toole or maybe in Nevada?