Saturday, October 18, 2008

First Branch(es) created in Sudan

According to several missionaries serving in the Uganda Kampala Mission, at least one branch has been established in Sudan. It is likely near the city of Wau, where six or seven unofficial congregations are meeting in the name of the Church. The Mission President visited the area last July and distributed Church literature to several individuals and gave them the responsibility to teach others about the Gospel. I will provide more information when it becomes available.

Furthermore, Sudan has been officially added to the Uganda Kampala Mission. The other two countries in the mission are Ethiopia and Rwanda.


NeciaStanfordBillinghurst said...

Is there any updated information about the branch near Wau? And by chance is there any probability of a branch in Juba? I will be working there and would love to attend church.

Matt said...

I have not had any access to that information. The Church is being very quiet about any Church activity that is going on in Sudan because the Church is still not recognized by the government. Try visiting and posting a comment. This is the mission president's blog.