Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Stake Created in Zimbabwe

The Harare Zimbabwe Marimba Park Stake became the third stake ever to be created in this African nation. The first stake organized in Zimbabwe was back in 1999 in Harare and this was the first time this stake has been split. The second stake in the country was created in Bulawayo back in 2005. The Harare Zimbabwe Stake has been quite large (over 10 wards and a few branches as well) for a couple years and also has high activity. Back in 2004, the Stake President apologized to Elder Nelson of the Quorum of the 12 that only around 70-75% of his stake attended stake conference (which is quite high attendence even in areas of the world with high member activity). Hopefully the Gospel will continue to take hold in this African nation plagued by instability and food shortages in recent years. Membership is over 16,000 and the two districts in the country seem close to stakehood as well. However I have not had any missionaries confirm that. I would not be surprised to see a new district created Zimbabwe in Kwekwe or Kadoma as well. If it were not for the political instability, I would predict a temple to be announced in Harare soon.

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