Sunday, July 6, 2008

Likely New Stakes in Central America: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama

Here are some likely new stakes to be created in Central America. Districts likely to mature into stakes are written in italics and stakes likely to split are in standard font. Plus signs indicate possible districts combining to form a new stake. I also give a short summary of the status of the Church in these countries as well. These predictions are made to the best of my knowledge and are not guaranteed to happen. If you have any questions or comments, please provide feedback. Lastly, the number of current branches in districts is provided to the best of my knowledge.

PANAMA: Most stakes are small with only around five to seven wards. Some districts close to stakehood.
  • Alcalde Diaz - 8
  • San Blas - 7
  • Concepcion + Puerto Armuelles - 7

COSTA RICA: One of the highest ward to stake ratios in the world - 44 wards in five stakes, or about nine to one. Districts are small and unlikely to grow into stakes in the near future.

  • Alajuela
  • San Jose

NICARAGUA: Seven out of Nicaragua's eight stakes have been created since 2000, all of which were districts maturing into stakes. Like Panama, most stakes have five to seven wards. Most districts have few branches.

  • Chinandega
  • Granada - 5
  • Managua Tipitapa (4)+ portion of a stake in Managua

EL SALVADOR: Almost entirely covered by stakes; most have six to eight wards.

  • Usulutan - 6

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