Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Church Materials Beginning to be Translated into Fon

The Church recently added Fon to its languages with translations of Church materials. These materials can be accessed here, albeit none have been uploaded to the site yet. Fon is a language spoken in Benin by approximately two million people. There are 2.1 million Fon speakers worldwide.


Christopher Duerig said...
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Johnathan Reese Whiting said...

There are more than 2.1 Million Fon speakers worldwide. I speak on the Fon all the time. ;P

Seriously though, good to see the new language added.

Eduardo said...

My mom was in the Peace Corps next door in Togo back in the sixties, when she called Benin "Dahome". Great to see the people of Benin have access to Church materials in their native language. Incidentally, my mom was a nurse and not a member then, but later joined in the U.S. and ended up serving two adult married missions, Cambodia 2000-2002 and Indonesia, Surabaya, (2005-2007). I wish we had more adult missionaries serving. An untapped resource, for sure.

Christopher Duerig said...

Updated today, 02/19/2021, on Classic Maps site, "Jipijapa Ecuador District - 611743", that was organized June 28th, 1988, was discontinued. The "Jipijapa 1st Branch - 142476" + "Jipijapa 2nd Branch - 336750" + "Paján Branch - 336769" were all consolidated with neighboring "Portoviejo Ecuador Stake - 514217".,-79.623949&z=8&m=google.hybrid&layers=stakecenter&q=514217&find=stake:514217

"Districts Closed

2 Feb 19, 2021 Jipijapa Ecuador District"

John Pack Lambert said...

The Fon are the dominant linguistic group in the south of Benin, especially in the eastern 2/3rds of the south. This is good news although we have so far to go linguidticly in any west African country.

Christopher Duerig said...

With a little over a month until April 2021 General Conference, would anyone like to start their Top Ten Temple Locations predictions list? I'm interested to see Matt's updated map and list with the More/Least likely sites.

Here is the link to his last October 2020 list.

James said...

Christopher Duerig, I posted my traditional list of predictions in the following document:

I had hoped that the list would generate conversation when I published it on my blog, but as I haven't gotten any feedback on it, I will probably take steps myself to narrow multiple locations down to the top one in each nation (outside the US) or state to the top one. That document will be updated to one location each probably before this commnt is approved to appear here. Thanks for the question, and hope the information is helpful.

James said...

Chris, hopefully my prior comment with my updated list will be approved. The document containing my list includes the narrowed-down list of potential candidate cities for future temple announcements.

I was not able to narrow down my list of cities for the Brazil and Utah areas, due to the high likelihood of each city's prospects for temples sooner rather than later.

I'd just add that, given the 21 temple groundbreakings held last year, and the high number also anticipated to occur this year, I'm anticipating a double-digit number of new temples may be announced in General Conference roughly 6 weeks from now. Again, hope this information is helpful. Thanks again.

Christopher Duerig said...

With today's new Mission President's Biographies posted (02/28/2021), my records show only 6 more biographies to go, for this years New Mission Presidents called.

1) Japan Fukuoka To be announced
2) Utah Layton To be announced
3) Brazil Campinas (2018-2021 Pres. John Taggart Marsh)
4) Idaho Pocatello Pres. Scott Herrod
5) Chile Santiago East Pres. Matthew L. Bohn
6) Brazil Cuiaba To be announced

Matt said...

My Stake President (Huntington Beach CA Stake), Rick Johnson has been called to serve as Mission President in the Utah Layton Mission.

Christopher Duerig said...
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Eduardo said...

Sad to hear about the Filipino mission president who died, so young at 48. God bless him and all those that knew him. Sounds like he had a great life and was a big contributor to the Kingdom of God.
Not bad.