Friday, March 31, 2017

March 2017 Newsletter

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The Chatelain's said...

Will someone link me to a specific example from the international LDS Atlas that shows member activity rates and sacrament meeting attendance? When I go on the site it just tells me how far the units are from my geolocation.

The Chatelain's said...

Will somebody please send a link from the LDS international atlas that shows activity rates and sacrament meeting attendance for a specific ward? Every time I try this feature it just tells me how far the units are for my geolocation.

John Pack Lambert said...

Reyna I. Abutrto, the new second counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency is a native of Nicaragua. She may well be the first person to serve as either a general authority or general officer of the Church who is from Nicaragua. Her husband is from Mexico. She studied industrial engineering at the Universidad CentroAmerica, and holds an AAS degree in computer science from Utah Valley University.