Monday, October 31, 2016

October 2016 Monthly Newsletter

Click here to access our October 2016 monthly newsletter for Several exciting developments within the past month are noted, such as the creation of a second branch in Gabon, the organization of a second stake in the Marshall Islands, three cities opening to missionary work in the Adriatic South Mission, and the establishment of several member groups in previously unreached cities in Nigeria.


James said...

Hello, all! Good to read this news. I wanted to post and let everyone know that I have done two significant blog posts recently. One was about Sunday's dedication of the Star Valley Wyoming temple, another temple progress report and an interesting theory I have (based on fact and deductive reasoning rather than idle speculation), and the other was about what the average ages of the First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and 15 apostles overall, along with more information on the theory presented in the previous post. Please take a look. Comments would be appreciated, as always. Enjoy!

John Pack Lambert said...

I found this article which is fairly interesting. I do object to the writer refering to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as "an American religion". I would think when you are writing of a Chinese sister missionary who has a Chinese companion you would have to jettison this false stereotype. However the false teaching that the LDS Church is one that set down roots in America because it is so American is hard to shake when it is still the central article of faith of so many Mormon studies scholars.

I have seen Mormon Studies Scholars make false claims like rooting LDS leadership changes in Jacksonian ideology. For this reason I have little trust in their sense of history or meaning. LDS leadership rotation is largely a result of politcies implementated in the 20th-century. It has no roots in Jacksonian America. Also, in 1850 Latter-day Saints in Britain far outnumbered those in the US.

Eduardo said...

I read this article to my wife. I grew up in Bloomington and assisted the missionaries there a few years as an adult. We had some good converts, like my folks there in 1968. 4 units in the county where there were 2 since about 1976 or '77.

John Pack Lambert said...

There are now 9 regular branches plus the district branch in the Azope Ivory Coast District. This stake was only formed back in February of this year. Adzope is a town of 100,000 people. It is about 65 miles or an hour and a half drive from Abijan where the temple is planned.

However there are districts closer to Abijan. The Agboville District is based in a town only 50 miles from Abijan. The city is the seat to a Roman Catholic diocese that had 400,000 Catholics living in its borders when formed in 2006. Agboville District has 5 branches plus the distrcit branch. It was formed in June.

The south branches in the stake, the Blankro branches, are basically in the Abijan metro area and border wards in the Abobo Stake.

Ryan Searcy said...

Interesting, the only Mount Pisgah that show up in Iowa is a cemetery to the southwest of Des Moines, located near a town called Thayer. According to Wikipedia, that cemetery has significant LDS History. It is currently part of the Des Moines Iowa Stake. This would be the most likely configuration, which would greatly affect the Ames Iowa Stake as well.

Ames Iowa Stake (6,3)

Des Moines Iowa Stake (6,2)
Ankeny 1st Ward (Ames Iowa Stake)
Ankeny 2nd Ward (Ames Iowa Stake)
Beaver Creek Ward
Des Moines Ward
Easter Lake Ward
Walnut Hills Ward
Des Moines 5th Branch (Spanish)
Newton Branch (Ames Iowa Stake)
Perry Branch (Ames Iowa Stake)

Mount Pisgah Iowa Stake (5,5)
Osceola Ward
Ottumwa Ward (Iowa City Iowa Stake)
Raccoon River Ward
Waukee Ward
West Des Moines Ward
Centerville Branch
Indianola Branch
Knoxville Branch
Lenox Branch
Oskaloosa Branch

phxmars said...

I think Mt Pisgah was an important way station between Nauvoo and Winter Quarters on the Iowa trail.

Unknown said...

The Thailand Bangkok West District will become a stake on November 27. It will gain the Bangkok (English) Ward from BKK Stake and Bangbuatong Ward from BKK North Stake.
I was also told that Chonburi has "opened" now, which I assume means a group with missionaries stationed there, and that a couple of the wards in BKK Stake will be splitting sometime soon.

Mike Johnson said...

Kevin, thank you. All very interesting. A district of 3 branches just over 2 years old could become a stake in a few weeks. Of course, that is undoubtedly why wards from the two Bangkok stakes are needed.