Monday, August 29, 2016

First Stake to be Created in Belize

Missionaries serving in the El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Mission report that the first stake in Belize will be organized within the next couple months. It is unclear which of the two districts in Belize will become the first stake in the country. However, the Cayo Belize District appears most likely to become a stake as the district has more congregations (7) than the Belize City District (5). Belize is currently the country with the fifth most members on church records without a stake after mainland China, Malaysia, Liberia, and Guyana. I will provide more information on the stake creation once it becomes available.

The Church in Belize reported 5,152 members and 11 branches as of year-end 2015.


Christopher said...

I have often wondered when Belize was going to get a stake, especially since its neighbors in Central America are so well established in the church. I was there a few years ago and noted that the demographics and culture are different and perhaps more challenging for church growth than the other countries nearby. Hurray, finally, for a Stake!

Ryan Searcy said...

Here's what I've thought - I feel that this would be almost exactly like Prague, with some minor differences. First off, both districts could be consolidated on the same day to make way for the stake on that same day. Secondly, I feel that it ought to be named for the capital, Belmopan, since it is a fairly central location and pretty close to both Cayo and Belize City. Third and final, one of the branches in the Cayo district is actually in Guatemala, and I feel that it could be transferred to the San Benito Guatemala Stake for the convenience of not having to cross an international boundary.

Ryan Searcy said...

Speaking of international boundaries, how many stakes or districts cross them? Especially in the U.S., like Colville, Cardston, Fort Frances and Saint Johns. I know there are several examples in Europe (Nancy, Lleida, Zurich to name a few), as well as some in Central (Cayo) and South America (Tierra del Fuego, Posadas?) as well as Africa (Gaborone).

Joseph said...

Sorry its been so long since the last post. I've been in the midst of the reorg of my ward and a bunch of other stuff. I'm not going to try and fill in everything, just start from here.

21 August
Meridian Idaho Linder Stake (W:7)
Ashbury Ward
Crosby Park Ward
Kingsley Park Ward
Lochsa Falls Ward
Paramount Ward
Silverleaf Ward
Verona Ward

Phoenix Arizona South Mountain Stake(W:7)
Aguila Ward (Spanish)
Gila River Ward
Laveen Ward
Montana Del Sur Ward (Spanish)
South Mountain Ward
Trailside Ward
Vineyard Ward

San Tan Valley Arizona North Stake (W:6)
Cambria Ward
Ironwood Crossing 1st Ward
Ironwood Crossing 2nd Ward
Ironwood Crossing 3rd Ward
Ironwood Ward
Vineyard Ward

Stafford Virginia Stake (B:1, W:7)
Stafford Branch (Spanish)
Accokeek Ward
Aquia Ward
Garrisonville Ward
Hartwood Ward
King George Ward
Rock Hill Ward
White Oak Ward

São Luís Brazil East Stake (W:5)
Cidade Operária Ward
Cohatrac Ward
Jardim Tropical Ward
Maiobão Ward
Pioneiros Ward

Cortina 5th Ward, Queen Creek Arizona West Stake (B:1, W:8)
Egbon Estate Ward, Benin City Nigeria Ihogbe Stake (W:10)
Miller Springs Ward, Syracuse Utah West Stake (W:12)
Minot 4th Ward, Minot North Dakota Stake (B:2, W:10)
Satuimatufilufi Branch, Upolu Samoa West Stake (B:1, W:6)
Tantzu 2nd Ward, Taichung Taiwan West Stake (B:1, W:6)

YTD 475(13.97/week*34) = +66 Total 34,478(+24) (Net 245 60%)
=====YTD == % of YTD Chng Total
Africa =142====39.9% (+12) 1907 (+10)
Asia ===9 ==== 1.7% (+2)== 940 (-4)
Am C =35 ==== 7.4% (+3)= 3940 (0)
Am N =146 ==== 30.7% (+17)= 9399 (+2)
Am S =31 ==== 6.5% (+4)= 6327 (-2)
Europe 10 ===== 2.1% (+1)== 1711 (-1)
Pacific 28 ==== 5.9% (+3)= 2753 (+2)
U&I 74(60) 15.6(12.6)% (+24)= 6956(5739)(+15)

Totals no-sensitive (Net +22)
====Areas -Temples ===Miss Stakes Dist =Wards Branch Totals
Global-- 25 ==== 151 ===421 =3,237 =540 22,838 =7,288 34,500
Us/Can 10 ===== 82 ===131 =1,624 ==10 12,680 =2,038 16,575
US ----- n/a ===== 74 ===124 =1,576 ===7 12,338 =1,888 16,007
Utah---- n/a ===== 16 ====10 ==580 ===1 =4,736 ===327 =5,670
Canada n/a ====== 8 =====7 ===48 ===3 ===342 ===150 ==558
Out------- 15 ===== 68 ===290 =1,613 =530 10,158 =5,250 17,925

Bryan Dorman said...

South America is no issue. If you are a Mercosur participant an ID card will do.

John Pack Lambert said...

I know the Sudbury Ontario stake used to have members in Michigan. The ward crossed the international boundary but a branch was split off about 10 or a little less years ago and the Michigan members were placed in the Traverse City District.

phxmars said...

Several examples along the Canadian border. Minnesota, Montana are part of Canadian units and BC has some parts on Washington units and reverse for Point Roberts, WA. None along the southern US border that I am aware of.

Bryan Dorman said...

There is a branch in Ojinaga Chihuahua in Mexico and no existing branch in Presidio Texas. It is a Spanish branch.

Language and visa issues probably take their toll there.

There is a branch in Leticia Colombia on the Amazon River bordering Brazil. A Portuguese branch from the neighboring Brazilian border town meets in the meetinghouse there. Both are Mercosur members so only an ID is needed to cross the border.

For Ojinaga you need a passport, and if the situation were reversed a passport and visa are required.

Unknown said...

In Uruguay, in the 1980's, I served in two stakes that crossed international boundaries: the Artigas stake and the Salto stake. Even then it was not difficult to cross either boundary, and the cities were closer to each other than to other cities in their own countries.

Unknown said...

Actually, all five stakes headquartered in Switzerland have units outside of Switzerland. The St Gallen Stake is the only stake in the world I am aware of that covers four countries (Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Liechtenstein).

Bryan Dorman said...

Vladivostok District reinstated. Covers Sakhalin (Yuzhno) Primorsky Krai (4 branches-Vlad. Nakhodka, Artyom, Usserisk), and Jewish Okrug (Khabarovsk).

Every mission in Russia now has at least a district where the mission home is located.

That makes 3 stakes and 10 districts.

Jeff said...

Glad to see the Vladivostok District reinstated. I served my mission there in the late 1990s. One minor correction for Bryan: Khabarovsk is not in the Jewish Okrug; it is the capital of the Khabarovsk Krai. I, along the other three missionaries serving there, was kicked out of that city in 1998 for improper registration. Good times.

Unknown said...

I am happy to know that the church has grown so much in my little country. My family was 1 of the first to be baptized as members of the church on Cayo. I was apart of the construction of the chapel on Cayo. My heart is full with joy knowing of the blessings my belizeans will be receiving with the new stake center.... Ya da fu we Belize!!!!' U beta Belize it!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I am so happy to see how far the work has progressed in my little country. I am so happy for my belizeans to receive the blessings of having their own stake center. My family was one of the first to be baptized in Cayo. My family helped construct the chapel in Cayo and how happy we are to hear this news. The work will continue to grow and I am proud to be a Belizean!!!!

brycen said...

I used to live in an international stake. The Saint John New Brunswick Stake includes several units in northern Maine. It also has the St Stephen Ward in which half of the ward is in Maine. I used to attend this ward.

brycen said...

I used to live in an international stake. The Saint John New Brunswick Stake includes several units in northern Maine. It also has the St Stephen Ward in which half of the ward is in Maine. I used to attend this ward.

Bryansb1984 said...

Does anyone know if they will organize a district in Athens, Greece?