Monday, May 11, 2015

New Stakes in Chile and Utah

Yesterday the Church organized a new stake in Chile. The Talagante Chile Stake was organized from the Talagante Chile District and includes the following five wards and three branches: El Monte, Melipilla 1st, Melipilla 2nd, Talagante 1st, and Talagante 2nd Wards and the Bollenar, Isla de Maipo, and La Islita Branches. The Church previously operated a stake in Melipilla from 1993 to 2002 and a stake in Talagante from 1997 to 2002. Both of the stakes were downgraded to districts in 2002 and consolidated the districts into a single district in 2014. The Church in Chile has made some minor advancements with strengthening local leadership and advancing districts into stakes within the past couple years. The Church in Chile organized a new stake for the first time in 15 years in 2014 when the Coquimbo Chile District became a stake.

There are now 76 stakes and 20 districts in Chile.

The Church organized a new stake in Draper, Utah on May 3rd. The Draper Utah Meadows Stake was organized from a division of the Draper Utah Mountain Point Stake and includes the following seven wards: the Bellevue Park, Bellevue, Bridle Pointe, Brown Farm, Creekside, Lone Rock, and Willow Springs Wards. There are now 576 stakes and one district in Utah.


Joseph said...

Unit Update

May 3
Draper Utah Meadows Stake (7 Wards)
Bellevue Park Ward
Bellevue Ward
Bridle Pointe Ward
Brown Farm Ward
Creekside Ward
Lone Rock Ward
Willow Springs Ward

Auckland YSA 1st Ward
Parent Auckland New Zealand Manukau Stake (509590)
Participating Units
Auckland New Zealand Manurewa Stake
Auckland New Zealand Otara Stake
Auckland New Zealand Papakura Stake
Auckland New Zealand Papatoetoe Stake
Auckland New Zealand Redoubt Stake
Auckland New Zealand Tamaki Stake

Auckland YSA 2nd Ward
Auckland New Zealand Harbour Stake
Participating Units
Auckland New Zealand Henderson Stake
Auckland New Zealand Mt Roskill Stake
Auckland New Zealand Panmure Stake
Auckland New Zealand Waterview Stake
Akoupé Branch,Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan Mission (10 branches, 4 Stakes)
Longview Branch (Spanish), Longview Washington Stake (2 Branches, 7 Wards)
Participating Units Rainier Oregon Stake
Santiago de la Peña Branch, Tuxpan México Stake (1 Branch, 6 Wards)

April 26
Odo-Ona Ward, Ibadan Nigeria Stake (2 Branches, 7 Wards)
March 15
Rogbaneh Branch, Sierra Leone Freetown Mission (4 Branches, 5 Districts, 1 stake)
Santo Estevão Branch, Brazil Salvador Mission (9 Branches, 7 Stakes)
Siumu-Uta Branch, Upolu Samoa Saleilua Stake (2 Branches, 7 Wards)

Jan 25
Rumuodumaya Ward, Port Harcourt Nigeria East Stake (3 Branches,9 wards)

YTD 215 (11.44/week)
Africa 66
Asia 6
Europe 6
North America 75
Pacific 13
South and Central America 13
Utah & Idaho 37

Josh said...

Announcement re creation of another stake in Sydney this Sunday, 17 May 15.
"Hi everyone,
We can now officially announce the Special Stake Conference to be held next Sunday 17th May 2015, 10am at the Hebersham Stake Center.
A letter has been read out at each Ward today, to advise that there will be changes to the Stake boundaries & the creation of a new Stake".
The Stakes involved are Hebersham, Baulkham Hills & Newcastle, We encourage you all to attend & ask that you invite any members of your Ward who were not in attendance today.
My Brothers & Sisters it is wonderful to witness the growth within the church in our area.
See you there.

Eduardo Clinch said...

Great news in Chile. I was recently reading a couple of stories of an old companion from my first area in Mulchen, Los Angeles Stake (Concepcion South Mission), and I am trying to re-login to the site even though it doesn't seem to have recent activity.

I hope to add a few stories to Elder Miranda of Rancagua. It was cool to hear his side of the story, and he does not mnetion me, which I take as kind of good and bad.
I will jog his memory.
Oh, you chilenos! Sometimes you forget what you have committed to! We all do. Good sign of progress that these stakes are being created.

Too many former branch presidents and bishops in Chile have fallen away.

We must change that culture. All of us in all righteous endeavors. Stick with it.

James Anderson said...

This story was lead this morning on KSL AM/FM's morning newscasts most half-hours.

Bryce said...

Fascinating Pew Research study, thanks for sharing James. Related to that, I recently read about a Gallup pole showing the most and least religious countries of the world: I was surprised to read that Israel is one of the least religious countries of the world, where 65% of those asked said that they are either not religious or convinced atheists compared to just 30% who say that they are religious. I'd say if there was any time the house of Judah needed to be spiritually gathered it would be now...wonder if we'll see conditions change in our lifetime to allow LDS proselytizing.

Michael said...

The Oklahoma Tulsa Mission is going to be renamed and mission headquarters moved. Effective July 1, it will be the Arkansas Bentonville Mission. Mission boundaries will not change. This will place the mission home much more centrally located within the mission boundaries, will ease travel burdens on the mission president, and will likely facilitate even greater church growth in northwest Arkansas.

Joseph said...

Unit Update
May 10
Base Cie Ward, Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire Niangon South Stake (7 Wards)
Libertad Branch, Martínez de la Torre México Stake (3 Branches, 5 Wards)
Ngwane Park Branch, Mbabane Swaziland District (5 Branches)

May 3
Abayi Amaugwu Branch, Aba Nigeria Stake (3 Branches, 13 Wards)

26 April
Kagiso 2nd Ward Soweto South Africa Stake (7 Wards)
Siumu-Uta Branch, Upolu Samoa Saleilua Stake (2 Branches, 7 wards)

5 April
Afaha Nsit Branch, Etinan Nigeria Stake (3 Branches 10 Wards)

YTD 223 (11.74/week)
Africa 71
Asia 6
Europe 6
North America 77
Pacific 14
South and Central America 13
Utah & Idaho 37

coachodeeps said...

At a family gathering today, my family discussed an announcement that the 13 Layton Utah Stakes would be moving to the Bountiful Utah Temple district.

coachodeeps said...
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Michael Worley said...

Re: Layton

Was there any discussion of why that is the case? I'm disinclined to think it has to do either with the Payson temple opening or the adjustment to 30-minute sessions brought on by the longer movies and/or Ogden refurbishment, as Bountiful's schedule was adjusted as well.

James Anderson said...

As to Utah County, I heard that all the Orem stakes are being transferred from Mount Timpanogos to Provo.

Provo will have that and all of Provo save for one stake that is north of Center Street, Provo Utah North Park.

Everything south of Provo CCenter Street, including Provo Utah North Park Stake, down to the Springville/Spanish Fork and Springville/Mapleton border will be in Provo City Center Utah Temple district.

Everything south of that boundary, including eastern Juab County, primarily Nephi and Mona, will be in the Payson temple district.

James Anderson said...

On the films, Provo, with its heavy use, is using the third new film (the latest one), it appears to be as fast as the older films were that the three new ones replaced, there are still things in it though that tell me they are still going to use that one in certain language areas with the other language overdubbed and those may actually sound more natural than the English does in spots.

Lindzie said...

Where do you get this information from? I was trying find out about the Bentoville change...but can't find anything official from the church.

John Pack Lambert said...

I like the added detail about participating units in specialized wards and branches.

On the issue of Israel's irreligious attitude, it does not surprise me. Jews who are open atheists can come on the law of return, Jews who have been baptized Christians cannot.

In many ways the Zionists who created Israel represented a rejection of religious solutions and imposing man-made solutions to the problems and issues faced by the Jews.