Thursday, December 18, 2014

Two Additional Missions to be Created in 2015

I have come across reports of two additional missions to be organized in 2015. These missions include:
  • California Modesto Mission (to be created from the California Fresno and California Sacramento Mission)
  • Peru Trujillo North Mission (to be created from the Peru Trujillo Mission)
With the announcement of the new Barbados Bridgetown Mission, the number of LDS missions in 2015 will increase to 409.


Michael Worley said...

One in California will be wonderful. The Church is growing there and more missions will let us reach out to different populations.

David said...

Here is a report of another one in Utah:

John Pack Lambert said...

I am encouraged by the Modesto Mission. There used to be more mission in northern California then there are today, with the Oakland and San Francisco missions having been merged. I sort of hope they are split again.