Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Stakes Organized in Brazil and Utah; New Districts Organized in Bahrain and Honduras


A new stake has been created in São Paulo, Brazil.  The São Paulo Brazil Ferreira Stake was organized two weeks ago from the São Paulo Brazil Taboão Stake and includes five wards: Ferreira, Giovanni Gronchi, Jardim das Palmas, Jardim Maria Rosa, and Vila Andrade.  There are now 76 stakes in São Paulo State and 241 stakes in Brazil.  The increase in the number of stakes has been strong in the city of São Paulo in recent years as 11 new stakes have been organized since 2004.


Two new stakes were recently organized in Utah, the Layton Utah Legacy Stake and the Lehi Utah YSA Stake.  There are now 550 stakes in Utah.


A couple weeks ago the Manama Bahrain Stake was renamed the Abu Dhabi Stake and divided to create the Manama Bahrain District.  The Abu Dhabi Stake includes four wards and two branches in the United Arab Emirates, two wards in Qatar, a branch in in Kuwait, and a branch in Oman whereas the Manama Bahrain District includes the Bahrain Branch and several branches in Saudi Arabia.  Church growth has been consistent in the Saudi Arabian Peninsula as indicated by strong congregational growth rates over the past decade.  Prospects may be forthcoming for a small LDS in the United Arab Emirates due to greater religious freedom and tolerance for Christian groups like Latter-day Saints and sizeable, stabilizing LDS populations in the region. 


A new district has been organized in the Honduras Tegucigalpa Mission.  The Valle Verde Honduras District includes at least three branches in the mountainous terrain east of Tegucigalpa which were formerly mission branches (Moroceli, Ojo de Agua, and Villa San Francisco).  There are now 20 stakes and seven districts in Honduras. 


The Chatelain's said...

Is that a small LDS temple I hope?

TempleRick said...

The new Valle Verde Honduras District has 5 branches: the Cantarramas Branch, Moroceli Branch, Ojo de Agua Branch, Villa San Francisco Branch, and Yuscaran Branch.

Brandon Plewe said...

Are you sure on Saudi Arabia being in the Bahrain District? The website for the Abu Dhabi Stake (one of the few outside the U.S.) list 7 "Desert Springs" units (4 wards, 3 branches) that I believe are in Saudi Arabia. But if it isn't, I can't figure out anything other than the Bahrain branch that would be in the Bahrain district.

Deivisas said... is reporting that 8 YSA Stakes where created throughout Utah on May 1, 2011.

Deivisas said...

Also the sam ewebsite is reporting that a district was created in Kenya on April 24, 2011.

Ricardo Prins said...

I believe that the YSA stakes were not created, but reorganized...

Ray said...

To Margalho:

Several YSA stakes were reorganized but some were created.

So far there are 9 net new YSA stakes and 3 more have been created but are not yet appearing on the CDOL site.

The cumulative number of new stakes has increased by 7 in recent days to include the 9 new YSA stakes and the discontinuance of the Escondido Ca West stake, reported May 3, 2011, and the Blanding West Stake, reported May 6, 2011.

Craig said...

I was a member of Ferreira Ward in Sao Paulo Brazil Taboao Stake 1984 and 1985 and was its first stake clerk a few months after it had been organized in 1983. It wasthe first stake west of the Sao Paulo Stake and temple on the highway toward Curitiba.

There were then four wards in the stake center,one in a another chapel and a branch in a rented meetinghouse. If I count correctly, there are now seven stakes in the same area as the six wards in 1984.

Craig said...

I lived in Ferreira Ward in 1984 and 1985 and was the first stake clerk in the Sao Paulo Brazil Taboao stake that had been organized in about September 1983 with five wards (four in the stake center and one in another meetinghouse) and a branch in a rented meetinghouse. With the 2011division there are seven stakes today in what was 1984 Taboao stake--Ferreira, Taboao, Campo Limpo, Parque Pinheiros, Embu, Cotia,and Raposo Tavares

Craig said...

See also my comment about the Abu Dhabi stake and Manama Bahrein District in comments about the planned Jakarta Indonesia Mission.

Antonio J Lopez said...

New Stakes Organized in Honduras
Loarque Honduras Stake
May 15 2011

Stake President:Daniel Dominguez
1 Counselor: Suiney Bonilla
2 Counselor: Roy Aceituno

21 Stakes in Honduras