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Stakes Likely to Split Outside the United States and Canada

The organization of new stakes is a strong indicator for church growth for the LDS Church as stakes require minimal numerical standards of active members, Priesthood holders, and functioning congregations. Once a stake has ten or more wards, it may divide to create a second stake dependent on the numbers of active members and Priesthood holders being sufficient to staff two stakes.

The last time I provided a list of stakes that may potentially split outside the United States was in September 2009. Below is an updated list of stakes which may divide to create additional stakes due to increases in the number of congregations. Congregation data was obtained from Member and missionary reports from around the world have contributed to the compilation of this list, as well as congregational growth trends in these areas. Some stakes listed currently have an inadequate number of congregations to divide, but based on recent congregational growth trends and missionary reports, will likely divide within the next year or two.

This list is not definitive and does not guarantee that stakes listed will be divided and new ones created. Local and area LDS leaders apply to the First Presidency to divide and create new stakes. The time frame for when most of these stakes will likely be divided is within the next two or three years based on past trends.

Your suggestions and input is valuable. Please offer constructive comments on additional stakes which may divide or be created from districts. The 2009 list can be found here.


Katuba Democratic Republic of Congo Stake: 9 wards, 1 branch
Kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo Stake: 9 wards
Lubumbashi Democratic Republic of Congo Stake: 10 wards
Takoradi Ghana Stake: 10 wards
Tema Ghana Stake: 10 wards, 1 branch
Antananarivo Madagascar Stake: 12 wards, 2 branches
Benin City Nigeria Ihogbe Stake: 11 wards
Benin City Nigeria Ikpokpan Stake: 10 wards
Benin City Nigeria New Benin Stake: 15 wards
Lagos Nigeria West Stake: 10 wards, 1 branch
Roodepoort South Africa: 8 wards, 5 branches, two groups


Newcastle Australia Stake: 10 wards, 2 branches
Butuan Philippines Stake: 10 wards, 1 branch
Makati Philippines Stake: 11 wards, 1 branch
Apia Samoa West Stake: 10 wards
Pesega Samoa Stake: 10 wards
Savaii Samoa Stake: 12 wards
Paea Tahiti Stake: 11 wards
Raromatai Tahiti Stake: 10 wards, 4 branches
Nuku'alofa Tonga Liahona Stake: 10 wards


Brasilia Brazil Alvorada Stake: 10 wards, 1 branch
Hortolandia Brazil Stake: 10 wards, 1 branch
Juiz de Fora Brazil: 11 wards
Recife Brazil Jardim Sao Paulo: 8 wards, 4 branches
Santa Maria Brazil: 10 wards, 1 branch

Central America

Alajuela Costa Rica Stake: 10 wards, 2 branches
San Jose Costa Rica La Paz Stake: 11 wards, 1 branch
San Jose Costa Rica La Sabana Stake: 10 wards, 2 branches
Tegucigalpa Honduras Toncontin Stake: 10 wards, 1 branch
Managua Nicaragua Stake: 10 wards
Managua Nicaragua Bello Horizonte Stake: 8 wards, 3 branches


Amecameca Mexico Stake: 10 wards, 1 branch
Celaya Mexico Stake: 11 wards
Chalco Mexico Stake: 10 wards
Chilpancingo Mexico Stake: 10 wards, 5 branches
Coatzacoalcos Mexico Puerto Stake: 13 wards
Ciudad Juarez Mexico East Stake: 11 wards
Ciudad Juarez Mexico La Cuesta Stake: 10 wards, 1 branch
Culiacan Mexico Stake: 10 wards, 1 branch
Jalapa Mexico Stake: 10 wards
Juchitan Mexico Stake: 10 wards, 3 branches
Mexico City Anahuac Stake: 11 wards
Mexico City Chapultepec Stake: 11 wards
Mexico City Cuautitlan Stake: 11 wards
Mexico City Culturas Stake: 11 wards
Mexico City Iztapalapa Stake: 10 wards
Mexico City La Perla Stake: 10 wards, 2 branches
Mexico City Tecamac Stake: 11 wards, 1 branch
Mexico City Tepalcapa Stake: 11 wards
Mexico City Valle Dorado Stake: 11 wards, 1 branch
Mexico City Villa de las Flores Stake: 10 wards
Oaxaca Mexico Monte Alban Stake: 10 wards, 3 branches
Puebla Mexico La Libertad Stake: 10 wards
Puebla Mexico Nealtican Stake: 12 wards, 1 branch
Saltillo Mexico Republica Stake: 11 wards
Teziutlan Mexico Stake: 10 wards, 3 branches
Veracruz Mexico Villa Rica Stake: 10 wards, 1 branch
Villahermosa Mexico Gaviotas Stake: 10 wards, 1 branch

South America (Spanish-speaking)

Buenos Aires Argentina Castelar Stake: 10 wards
Buenos Aires Argentina West Stake: 10 wards, 1 branch
Jujuy Argentina Stake: 10 wards, 3 branches
La Plata Argentina Villa Elvira Stake: 10 wards, 2 branches
Cochabamba Bolivia Stake: 11 wards
La Paz Bolivia Miraflores Stake: 12 wards, 1 branch
Santa Cruz Bolivia Canoto Stake: 11 wards
Guayaquil Ecuador Pascuales Stake: 10 wards, 1 branch
Luque Paraguay Stake: 10 wards, 3 branches
Arequipa Peru Manuel Prado Stake: 10 wards
Lima Peru Canto Grande Stake: 10 wards
Lima Peru Villa Salvador Stake: 10 wards
Montevideo Uruguay East Stake: 11 wards, 1 branch
Ciudad Ojeda Venezuela Stake: 10 wards, 1 branch
Maracay Venezuela Stake: 12 wards
Puerto La Cruz Venezuela Stake: 11 wards, 2 branches


Ryan Searcy said...

I have made a list of stakes inside the US and Canada (minus Utah and California) that are close to splitting, though I used 10 or more wards, instead of 10 or more congregations.

Boise East (10)
BYU-I 1st (Single) (12)
BYU-I 2nd (Single) (11)
BYU-I 3rd (Single) (11)
BYU-I 5th (Single) (12)
BYU-I 6th (Single) (12)
BYU-I 7th (Single) (12)
BYU-I 9th (Married) (10)
Delco (10,1)
Driggs (10,3)
Eagle (12)
Franklin (10,1)
Idaho Falls Lincoln (10,2)
Iona (10,1)
Jerome (10,2)
Malad (10)
Meridian (10)
Meridian Paramount (10,1)
Meridian South (10)
Pocatello Highland (10,1)
Preston North (12,3)
Rexburg Center (10)
St Anthony (11)
Twin Falls West (10)

Apache Junction (10,1)
Casa Grande (10,3)
Flagstaff (12,3)
Gilbert (11,1)
Gilbert Highland (11)
Gilbert Higley (11)
Gilbert San Tan (10)
Glendale North (11)
Mesa Boulder Creek (11)
Mesa Kimball East (11,1)
Phoenix (11)
Phoenix Deer Valley (10)
Phoenix North (10,1)
Prescott (13,2)
Queen Creek (10
Queen Creek North (12)
Scottsdale North (10)
Taylor (11,1)
Thatcher (11)

Arlington (10)
Austin (10)
Colleyville (14)
Cypress (11)
Dallas East (12)
Denton (12)
Frisco (11)
Hurst (10)
Klein (10,1)
Richardson (14,1)
Round Rock (12,2)
San Antonio East (10,2)
San Antonio West (10,1)

Bellevue (10,1)
Bellevue South (10)
Kennewick (11,1)
Maple Valley (11)
Pasco (12,4)
Redmond (10)
Richland (11,1)
Silverdale (10)
Tacoma (12)
Vancouver East (10)
Vancouver North (10)

Keizer (12,2)
La Grande (11,2)
Monmouth (10,1)
Ontario (10,1)

Carson City (10,3)
Henderson Black Mountain (11)
Henderson Green Valley (11)
Las Vegas Lakes (10)
Las Vegas South (12)
Las Vegas Warm Springs (10,1)
Logandale (11,2)
Mesquite (10,2)
North Las Vegas (13,1)
Reno North (11)
Sparks (11,2)

Arapahoe (13)
Colorado Springs East (11,1)
Colorado Springs North (11)
Denver North (11,1)
Durango (10,1)
Grand Junction West (10)
Greeley (10,2)
Highlands Ranch (10)
Loveland (10)
Meeker (11,4)
Parker (12)

Calgary Foothills (11,1)
Calgary North (10,2)
Calgary South (10)
Calgary West (10,2)
Edmonton Milwoods (10,2)
Edmonton North (10,2)

Ashburn (11,1)
Buena Vista (12,2)
Centreville (10,1)
Fredericksburg (11,3)
Mount Vernon (11)

Apex (10,1)

Cheyenne (12,1)
Cody (11)
Gillette (10,5)
Laramie (12)

Jonesboro (10,3)
Savannah (10,1)

Kahului (11,3)
Kaneohe (10,2)
Laie (10)
Laie North (10)

New York (12,2)

Joplin (10,2)
Liberty (10,3)
St Louis North (10,1)

O'Fallon (10,2)

Pittsburgh (10,3)

Ann Arbor (10)
Bloomfield Hills (11,1)

Wasilla (10,3)

Huntsville (13)

Cambridge (12,3)

Omaha (11,2)

Wilmington (12,4)

Washington (10,2)

Providence (10,2)

Ryan Searcy said...

Antioch (11,1)
Apple Valley (10)
Bakersfield (10,2)
Bakersfield South (10)
Camarillo (12)
Chico (11,1)
El Dorado (11)
Elk Grove (10)
Hacienda Heights (10,1)
Menifee (12,1)
Modesto North (10,2)
Oakland (10,1)
Poway (11,3)
Rocklin (13,1)
Roseville (12)
Simi Valley (10,1)
Vista (11,1)

Ryan Searcy said...

A new Samoan Ward is supposed to be created in the Anchorage North Stake, and that puts it at 10 wards, 2 branches. This would mean Anchorage would have:
19 English Wards
2 YSA Wards
1 Tongan Ward
3 Samoan Wards
1 Spanish Branch
1 Hmong Branch
1 Bush Branch

A split to form an Eagle River Stake would require more wards in Eagle River. Seeing how we lost half of our old ward moving to Eagle River, one of the wards should split soon. I think there used to be a YSA Ward in Eagle River, but it got dissolved. One of the YSA Wards covers the North and Chugach Stakes.

chris jones said...

What about Utah Stakes splitting?
Will there bean updated temple prediction list soon?
I think potentialstakes to splitt could positivly ipact templepredictions.

chris jones said...

Sorry about my last post spelling. My space bar is very tempermental:

What about Utah Stakes splitting?
Will there be an updated temple prediction list soon?
I think potential stakes to split could positivly impact temple predictions.

chris jones said...

Or could you tell me how to find the info for myself?

Ryan Searcy said...

Utah has over 500 stakes, and I don't want to try to figure out how many per thing. You could go to, then click on Search for a Stake or Ward Website, and select Utah as the state.

The Samoan Ward has already been created. The Northern Lights (Samoan) Ward is more likely to meet at Baxter (Anchorage Chugach Stake Center) than the other two. Anchorage 16th (Samoan) Ward has probably been renamed the Lake Otis (Samoan) Ward and will probably still meet at Arctic (Anchorage North Stake Center), and the Dimond (Samoan) Ward will probably be in the Anchorage Stake, because the Dimond area is in their stake boundaries.

Ryan Searcy said...

With 3 Samoan Wards, and 1 Tongan Ward (I think one of the Samoan Wards did Hawaiian also), that makes Anchorage more likely to get a Samoan Stake.

Gnesileah said...

Alpine North (13)
American Fork East (11,1)
American Fork West (12,0)
Bloomington (10,4)
Bluffdale (13)
Bountiful Heights (10,1)
Bountiful Stone Creek (10,1)
Brigham City North (10)
BYU 1st (10)
BYU 2nd (12)
BYU 3rd (12)
BYU 5th (11)
BYU 6th (12)
BYU 7th (11)
BYU 9th (11)
BYU 10th (14)
BYU 12th (12)
BYU 13th (12)
BYU 14th (13)
BYU 15th (12)
BYU 16th (12)
BYU 19th (12)
BYU 22nd (11)
Cedar City (10,1)
Cedar City Canyon View (10,3)
Cedar City North (10)
Cedar City YSA 1st (11)
Cedar City YSA 2nd (12)
Cedar Hills (10)
Centerville South (11)
Clinton North (11,1)
Eagle Mountain (11)
Eagle Mountain West (14)
Enoch (12)
Farmington (11,3)
Farmington Oakridge (11,1)
Fort Herriman (15)
Fruit Heights (10)
Herriman (10)
Herriman Rose Canyon (10)
Highland (12)
Highland South (13)
Highland West (12)
Hooper (12)
Huntsville (12)
Hurricane West (11)
Kaysville Central (10,1)
Kaysville South (10)
Kaysville West (11)
La Verkin (12)
Layton (10)
Layton South (14)
Lehi East (11)
Lehi Gateway (10)
Lehi Jordan River (11)
Lehi Traverse Mountain (14)
Lehi West (10)
Logan (10,1)
Logan Cache (10,3)
Logan Mount Logan (10)
Mapleton (12)
Mapleton North (10)
Midway (11)
Monroe (10)
Morgan (12)
Morgan North (11)
Nibley (10)
Ogden YSA 1st (10)
Orem Aspen (10)
Orem Canyon View (10)
Orem Park (11,2)
Orem Sharon Park (11,1)
Orem Suncrest (10)
Orem Sunset Heights (12,2)
Orem Timpview (10,1)
Payson Mountain View (10,1)
Pleasant Grove East (11)
Pleasant Manila (12)
Pleasant View (10)
Provo (10,2)
Provo Bonneville (10,1)
Provo East (11,1)
Provo Edgemont (11,2)
Provo South (12)
Richfield East (10,2)
Richmond (11)
Riverton Summerhll (10)
Salem (11)
Salt Lake (Tongan) (13,1)
Salt Lake Hunter Central (12)
Salt Lake Hunter West (10,1)
Salt Lake University 2nd (10)
Salt Lake Wilford (10)
Santa Clara (14)
Saratoga Springs (12)
Saratoga Springs North (12)
Saratoga Springs South (11)
South Jordan Country Crossing (10,1)
South Jordan Daybreak (10)
South Jordan River (11,1)
South Jordan River Ridge (10,2)
South Weber (12)
Spanish Fork Canyon Ridge (11)
St George Bloomington Hills (11,1)
St George Little Valley (11)
St George Morningside (10)
St George Pine View (10,4)
St George Washington Fields (10)
St George YSA 1st (10)
Stansbury Park South (10)
Syracuse South (10)
Syracuse West (11)
Taylorsville (10)
Tooele North (12)
Tooele South (11)
Wellsville (10)
West Jordan Copper Hills (10,1)
West Jordan Sunset Ridge (11)
West Jordan Westland (10,1)
West Point (11)
West Point Lakeside (11,1)

Matt said...

Thanks for all of the congregational totals for stakes likely to split the US everyone!

Ray said...

To Ryan: How about College Station Stake in Texas? 15 total units (7 wards, 8 branches).

Ryan Searcy said...

My listings are 10 or more wards in the stake, regardless of branch count. If I did 10 or more congregations, the list would be much longer. 6 of the 7 Alaskan stakes would be on the list instead of 2.

Anchorage (8,3)
Anchorage North (10,2)
Anchorage Chugach (7,4)
Fairbanks (7,7)
Juneau (4,10)
Soldotna (5,2)
Wasilla (10,3)

Ray said...

Thanks for the explanation. It makes sense (I just noticed your first post that explains that).