Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Potential Temple Sites

Below is a list of cities around the world (excluding the continental United States) which I believe are close to having a temple announced in them. I am not claiming that this is a definite list; just predictions of likely future temples. I have them ordered starting from the most likely to be announced as the next new temple. Temple attendance indicated by the number of sessions provided daily, the number of stakes assigned to, and distance of existing stakes to existing temples in the region are some of the tools I use to predict these new temple sites. Furthermore, this list is dynamic and subject to change. The numbers in parenthesis next to the predicted temple are the number of stake and districts that would be probable in the predict temple's temple district. Example: Brasilia (11,3) (11 stakes, 3 districts). The bold number at the end of the line is the number of stakes located in the metropolitan area where the predicted temple would be.

  1. Fortaleza, Brazil (16,3) 11
  2. Rio De Janiero, Brazil (22,9) 10
  3. Trujillo, Peru (20,9) 7
  4. Puebla, Mexico (21,3) 8
  5. Bangkok, Thailand (1,21) 1
  6. Paris, France (9,2) 2
  7. Rome, Italy (5,12) 1
  8. Concepcion, Chile (18,11) 9
  9. Lisbon, Portugal (6,10) 2
  10. Arequipa, Peru (17,11) 6

Other temples which are likely to be announced are Brasilia Brazil, Belo Horizonte Brazil, Salvador Brazil, Tarawa Kiribati, Dagupan Philippines, Culiacan Mexico, Managua Nicaragua, Quito Ecuador, Cordoba Argentina, and San Jose Puerto Rico. The United States has many temples which are not too far away for most members. Most likely temple sites in the United States include Kansas City Missouri, Pocatello Idaho and Tucson Arizona.


Vanessa Swenson said...

The Church already bought a temple plot in Brasília years ago. Did you know that? Now that Manaus's temple is announced and construction started, Brasília is the only place in Brasil where the Church has a temple plot. The Church bought the land in Manaus years ago, way before they announced a temple. If you want to bet on the next Brazilian temple, Brasília'd be the way to go.

Matt said...

Thanks for your comment. I was hoping President Monson would announce a temple in Brasilia last month, but hopefully it will happen soon.

Minchin Web said...

When President Hickley came through France to talk to the members in 2004, he said at that time he would like to announce a temple, the members were ready and worthy for it, but he could make an announcement at that time. Rumours have been flying for years about a temple in Paris.

Juli Poulton said...

I served in Paris in 1998 and at a conference in Paris President Hinckley said that it was time to start looking for a Temple site in Paris that was June 4th 1998. Lets hope that it comes soon.