Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 2013 Cumorah Newsletter

We have just posted our monthly newsletter for the Cumorah Foundation providing recent church growth news and descriptions of recently posted case study articles on  February's newsletter can be found here.

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MLewis82 said...

Here's an update for your case study on Mam. You might be interested to know that Ethnologue launched the latest version with updates about a week ago. As part of the change the sub-languages for Mam and K'iche' were retired. It appears that upon closer investigation the differences between the sub-languages are not as great as was initially thought, so the Macro-language Mam is now listed as just one language with some strong dialects. This is significant in terms of there actually being substantial mutual-intelligibility across all dialects as opposed to a dialect continuum with poor mutual-intelligibility at either end of the spectrum. For our purposes, it means one translation of the Book of Mormon is probably sufficient, though dialect specific outreach may still be appropriate considering the challenge reading another dialect may pose to a group which already struggles with low-literacy rates.