Thursday, February 21, 2013

Seven New Mission to be Created in Brazil

Church members in Brazil report that seven new missions will be organized in Brazil this summer in Curitiba South, Fortaleza East, Juiz de Fora, Piracicaba, Natal, Santos, and Sao Paulo West bringing the number of missions in Brazil to 34.  This brings the total number of missions to be created this summer to as many as 23.  Recent missionary reports indicate that as many as 50-60 new missions may be organized this summer worldwide.    


Jason Jackson said...


New Zealand

brycen said...

Very interesting that the new Curitiba mission is South, since the mission stretches mostly east and west. I'm not aware of any proselyting that went on south of the Curitiba metro area when I served there in 1995 - 1997. I thought East or West would have made more sense. Still, there are around 10 stakes in Curitiba itself to be divided up, and I'm sure some of the southern Parana' cities that had no church presence or were part of the Florianopolis Mission will be in this new mission.