Thursday, February 7, 2013

First City in Northern Ghana Opens for Missionary Work

Missionaries serving in the Ghana Kumasi Mission report that the first eight missionaries were assigned to Tamale, Ghana.  With over half a million inhabitants, Tamale is the third most populous city in Ghana and is located in the predominantly Muslim north.  No previous LDS presence existed in Tamale or northern Ghana prior to the assignment of missionaries this week and missionaries will organize a group to hold church services under the Ghana Kumasi Mission Branch.  Based on the recent pattern for opening new cities to missionary work in Ghana, it appears likely that missionaries will organize additional groups in Tamale once meetinghouse space can be secured and individuals exhibit interest in the Church throughout the city.  With approximately 85% of the city population identifying as Muslim, Tamale presents unique opportunities to proselyte Muslims although missionaries will most likely target Christians.  The Church currently has a presence in several Muslim-majority nations and openly proselytes Muslims and non-Muslims alike in these countries such as Sierra Leone and Albania.  Safety concerns for Muslims joining the Church in northern Ghana are minimal due to the lack of Islamic influence on government and tolerance for other proselytizing Christian groups in the area such as Seventh Day Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses.

Below is a map of LDS units in central and northern Ghana.
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Mike Johnson said...

Kumasi, with 1.5 million people is the second largest city in Ghana. Tamale with 540,000 is third. Ever since the Ghana Kumasi Mission stood up in July 2012, I think the mission president has been thinking about when and how to open Tamale.

I know that one (at least) of the 8 missionaries sent to Tamale had been a district leader in Sunyani.

The Kumasi Mission has one stake (Kumasi Ghana Stake) inside its boundaries. The Mission has two districts--Sunyani (Estates, Fiapre, Nkwabeng, and Penkwase branches) and Konongo (Domeabra, Konongo 1st and 2nd, Nkawkaw 1st and 2nd branches, and the Konongo District Branch). Additionally, there are five independent and one administrative mission branches (Agona-Asamang, Bibiani, Mampong, and Obuasi 1st and 2nd branches, plus the Ghana Kumasi Mission Branch).

John Pack Lambert said...

Since the Kumasi mission was organized last summer I am not surprised the Church is moving forward with missionary efforts in the north. My guess is that this is a much safer area to proselyte Muslims than northern Nigeria because it lacks militant groups like Nigeria has. It is amazing how fast Ghana has moved from having a mission shared with multiple other nations to having multiple missions of its own.

My guess is that this will remain the only city in the north of Ghana with missionary presence for a time so that the church can be built up solidly in this place.

Mike Johnson said...

First Sunday in Tamale had about 20 in attendance in the group, including the 8 missionaries and the Mission President and his wife. So, apparently about 10 native members or investigators were there as well. It will be interesting to see how the Church in Tamale progresses.

Justice Tetteh said...

I think the two pioneer members in Tamale who started the church there before the arrival of the missionaries should be mentioned. Two members started and then placed in a request for missionaries before the missionaries came and at least they should be mentioned. Well I happen to be one of this two who started and it hurt to read that the church only started here upon the arrival of the missionaries.

Matt said...


I have had very limited information on Tamale opening to missionary work. I apologize for the inaccuracy of this post. How are things going for the Church in Tamale these days? I know two branches were recently creates. Any member groups still operating? How many members are in Tamale now, and how many are active? Any plans to open additional areas in northern Ghana to missionary work?