Saturday, February 2, 2013

January 2013 Cumorah Newsletter

We have just posted our monthly newsletter for the Cumorah Foundation providing recent church growth news and descriptions of recently posted case study articles on  The newsletter can be found here.


Ray said...

January Church unit growth;

Plus 2 stakes (Australia), plus 20 Wards & Branches (+ 27 W - 7 br)

US: + 12 W&B; + 14 W - 2 br
outside US: + 8 W&B; + 13 W - 5 br + 2 st + 0 dist.;
Africa + 12 W&B; + 5 W + 7 br;
All nations outside US & Africa - 4 W&B; + 8 W - 12 br

Matt S. said...

Missionaries in Ukraine are reporting a group organized in Yalta. It meets once a month, and is just one priesthood holder shy of being organized as a branch.

Chris Chapman said...

Elder Harris, the Zone Leader of the Odessa Zone of the TX Lubbock Mission told me in priesthood today that there will be 102 new missionaries that will arrive over a 5 month period. He said that the first of the surge would be arriving in 2 weeks. He also reported that the surge would bring total number of missionaries in the mission to 270.

Pascal said...

270 Missionaries would probably be enough for a split of the Mission. I think that Amarillo as one of the least-reached areas in Texas could get its own Mission that could administer the Texas Panhandle, possibly small parts of Oklahoma, new Mexico and Kansas. Just a thought of mine though.

Aaron and Kamyra said...

I was talk to mission president recently about influx that most missions are expecting and he said they will let them get to 250 and then split them. He said anymore than that and the mission president can't keep up. So thats what he was told. He expects 30 additional missionaries in the next transfer