Monday, March 4, 2013

New Stake to be Created in Mexico City

Members in Mexico City report that a new stake will be created on March 10th from the Mexico City Valle del Dorado Stake.  The new stake will be called the Mexico City Alamedas Stake.  I will provide more details as they become available.  The new stake will become the Church's first new stake in Mexico City since 2008.

I have received report that the creation of the new stake has been postponed.  I will provide more information once it is available.


Mike Johnson said...

11 wards and 1 branch in the current stake:

México City Valle Dorado Stake
Alamedas Ward
Atizapan Ward
Campestre Ward
Colmena Ward
Jardines Ward
La Quebrada Ward
Lomas Lindas Ward
Nicolás Romero Ward
Tequexquináhuac Ward
Valle de Tules Ward
Valle Dorado Ward
Villa del Carbon Branch

The Alamedas Ward meets in the stake center with the Valle Dorado Ward. I wonder if a new building has been completed in the fairly extensive Alamedas Ward boundaries.

Ray said...

February and Year-to-date Congregational Growth:

February + 28 W&Br; +20 W, +8 Br, + 3 St, + 0 Dist.
US + 11 W&Br; + 11 W, + 0 Br, + 1 St, + 0 D.
Outside US: + 17 W&Br; + 9 W, + 8 Br, + 2 St, +0 D.
YTD + 48 W&Br; + 47 W, +1 Br, + 5 St, + 0 D.
YTD US + 23 W&Br; +25 W - 2 Br + 1 St, + 0 D.
YTD outs, US + 25 W&Br; + 22 W, + 3 Br + 4 St, 0 D.
Highest Growth YTD was in Africa:
YTD Africa + 24 W&Br; + 10 W + 14 Br + 0 St, + 0 D.

Mike Johnson said...

Four branches were created in the US on Sunday 3 March. Three YSA. More may show up over the next few days.

Ray said...

The 4 US branches created on Mar. 3 were 1 each in Hawaii, California, Texas, and Utah (Utah South Area).

The number of branches in the US was declining for two years at least (while ward totals were climbing steadily), but with these new branches we are back up to levels of late last year.

The Chatelain's said...

Is this postponing similar to what happened in Bangkok?