Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Stakes in New Zealand and Utah

New Zealand

Last Sunday, the Church created two new stakes in southern Auckland from a realignment of at least two different stakes in the area.  The Auckland New Zealand Redoubt Stake includes the following six wards: The Alema (Samoan), Chapel Downs, Clendon, Hillpark, Rowandale, and Saione (Tongan) Wards whereas the Auckland New Zealand Otara Stake includes the following five wards: The Hillary, Otahuhu, Tamaki 3rd (Tongan), Tamaki 5th (Samoan), and Wymondley (Samoan) Wards.  The two new stakes in Auckland become the Church's first new stakes in the city since 1997.  There are now 12 stakes in the Auckland area.


Two Sundays ago, the Church created a new stake in Lehi, Utah. The Lehi Utah Pheasant Pointe Stake was primarily created from the Lehi Utah Traverse Mountain Stake and includes the following nine wards: The Lehi 38th (Spanish), Pheasant Pointe 1st, Pheasant Pointe 2nd, Pheasant Pointe 3rd, Pheasant Pointe 4th, Pheasant Pointe 5th, Pheasant Pointe 6th, Traverse Mountain 1st, and Traverse Mountain 3rd Wards. There are now 561 stakes in Utah.


Brett Stirling said...

Good article, however South Auckland is the correct term.

coachodeeps said...

According to my best friend Spencer who is stationed in Qatar:

"We had Stake Conference here (March 3)...by recorded dvd from last week. The first church owned building in the Middle East was dedicated! A Stake Center in Dubai, UAE. Guess who was there? Elder Holland to dedicate; he spoke wonderfully.~sfc

Will said...

Here is a church news article on that:

Mike Johnson said...

2 wards were created in Auckland New Zealand on 10 March.

The Manurewa 1st Ward (Samoan) was created and has the combined area of the Finlayson and Weymouth wards.

The Auckland New Zealand Manurewa Stake now has the following wards:

Alfriston Ward
Finlayson Ward
Manurewa 1st Ward (Samoan)
Manurewa 2nd Ward (Samoan)
Mountfort Ward
Weymouth Ward

The Otara 2nd Ward (Tongan) was also created. The Auckland New Zealand Otara Stake now has the following wards:

Hillary Ward
Otahuhu Ward
Otara 1st Ward (Tongan)
Otara 2nd Ward (Tongan)
Otara 3rd Ward (Samoan)
Wymondley Ward (Samoan)

There are two halves of the stake, each half now has an English, a Tongan, and a Samoan ward.

Mike Johnson said...

Apparently, the Tamaki 3rd Ward (Tongan) and Tamaki 5th Ward (Samoan) have been renamed as the Otara 1st Ward (Tongan) and Otara 3rd Ward (Samoan).

Aitutaki said...

Do you have the time for the Alfriston Ward meeting time on sundays?