Thursday, February 21, 2013

List of New Missions to be Created in 2013

Below is a list of 15 new missions to be created this summer that I have compiled from missionary and mission president reports.
  • Arizona Gilbert
  • Arizona Scottsdale
  • Ghana Accra West
  • Guatemala Coban
  • Guatemala Guatemala City East
  • Mexico Aguascalientes
  • Mexico Cancun
  • Mexico Chalco
  • Mexico Ciudad Juarez
  • Mexico Ciudad Obregon
  • Mexico Pachuca
  • Mexico Queretaro
  • Mexico Reynosa
  • Mexico Saltillo
  • Philippines Urdaneta
Below is a list of possible new missions to be created this summer that I have not been able to confirm but appear highly likely based on recent missionary and member reports:
  • Angola Luanda
  • Botswana Gaborone
  • Cameroon Yaounde
  • Ethiopia Addis Ababa
  • Togo Lome


amiranda said...

7 new missions to be created in Brazil this year...

Kent Larsen said...

Posted in the Facebook group "Fim dos Tempos"

"Em 1º de Julho, 7 novas missões serão criadas no Brasil: Santos, São Paulo Oeste, Piracicaba, Curitiba Sul, Juiz de Fora, Fortaleza Leste e Natal."

in English:

On July 1st 7 new missions will be created in Brazil: Santos, São Paulo West, Piracicaba, Curitiba South, Juiz de Fora, Fortaleza East and Natal.

Jason Jackson said...

Given how scattered the reports are and yet how many missions are being created in Latin America, I suspect we don't know quite a few new missions.

James Anderson said...

Brazil Santos will be from Brazil Sao Paulo South, and maybe even parts of Brazil Sao Paulo East given there's a mission district along BR-101 just east of Santos in Sao Sebastiao within less than an hour's drive.

Juiz de Fora. Which one? There's a small city known as that near BR-381 which runs between SP and MG States. But I've seen another.

Tgere;s aksi a Piracicaba in SP state, so that looks like it will take from both Campinas and Ribeirao Preto.

Brazil Natal will cover much of Paraiba state (PR). Probably taking from Joao Pessoa which is just south of there.

Looks like they might be splitting Fortaleza down the middle or some other way, because as has been noted, not much activity outside the metro area.

Sao Paulo West will be probably Osasco, etc., along the Rod. Castelo Branco and Rod. Raposo Tavares corridors out to where the Sorocaba mission boundaries are.

Jason Jackson said...

I heard today the number of new missions will be 60 or so. If so, we only know of a third of them so far

James Anderson said...

They made the announcement today. KSL posted a story but did not have the list immediately available for posting at the same time the story was.

Will said...

58 new missions!

John Pack Lambert said...

Natal is currently in the Joan Pessoa Mission, so I am guessing they will essentially split that mission in half.

The Juiz de Fora stake is based in Juiz de Fora which is located in Minas Gerais State just north of the boundary with Rio de Janeiro state. It is currently located in the Rio de Janeiro Mission. I am guessing that is where the new mission will be headquartered. That would mean a division of the Rio de Janeiro mission.