Friday, February 22, 2013

New Mission to be Created in New Zealand

Members report that the Church's third mission in New Zealand will be organized this July in Hamilton.  This brings the number of missions to be organized in 2013 to at least 24.


Scott Shipley said...


J S A said...

Angola Luanda
Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia
Argentina Posadas
Arizona Gilbert
Arizona Scottsdale
Australia Sydney North
Bolivia Santa Cruz North
Botswana Gaborone
Brazil Curitiba South
Brazil Fortaleza East
Brazil Juiz de Fora
Brazil Natal
Brazil Piracicaba
Brazil Santos
Brazil São Paulo West
California Bakersfield
California Irvine
California Rancho Cucamonga
Chile Santiago South
Colorado Fort Collins
Ecuador Guayaquil West
Ecuador Quito North
El Salvador San Salvador East
Georgia Macon
Ghana Accra West
Guatemala Cobán
Honduras San Pedro Sula West
Idaho Nampa
Idaho Twin Falls
Illinois Chicago West
Japan Tokyo South
Kansas Wichita
Korea Seoul South
Liberia Monrovia
México Cancún
México Ciudad Juarez
México Ciudad Obregón
México México City Chalco
México Pachuca
México Queretaro
México Reynosa
México Saltillo
New Zealand Hamilton
Nigeria Benin City
Ohio Cincinnati
Oregon Salem
Papua New Guinea Lae
Perú Huancayo
Perú Iquitos
Philippines Cavite
Philippines Cebu East
Philippines Legaspi
Philippines Urdaneta
Ukraine L'viv
Utah Salt Lake City East
Virginia Chesapeake
Washington Federal Way
Washington Vancouver

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Brett Stirling said...

There were meetings today with 3 Stakes in South Auckland to complete the following:

1. Split the 3 existing Stakes to create an additional 2 to create a total of 12 for a city with a population of 1.5 million (I know one of the Stakes has 10 very large well attended wards).
2. My understanding is that they will also create 3 additional wards.

Matt said...

Great news! Any word on the name of the two new stakes?

Brett Stirling said...

Not yet, I wasn't at the meetings but know people who were. I will post once I know.

Brett Stirling said...

Auckland New Zealand Otara and Auckland New Zealand Redoubt Stakes.

Mike Johnson said...

12 stakes, 76 wards, and 2 branches in the Auckland area:

Auckland New Zealand Harbour Stake
Aeroview Ward
Albany Ward
Hibiscus Ward
Sunset Ward
Takapuna Ward
Taulanga Ward (Tongan)
Torbay Ward
Great Barrier Island Branch
Warkworth Branch

Auckland New Zealand Henderson Stake
Henderson Valley Ward
Lincoln Ward
Massey Ward
Sunnyvale Ward
Swanson Ward
West Harbour Ward

Auckland New Zealand Manukau Stake
Isileli 2nd Ward (Tongan)
Manukau 3rd Ward (Samoan)
McKenzie Road Ward (Niuean)
Mountain View Ward
Peninsula Park Ward
Thomas Road Ward
Waterlea Park Ward

Auckland New Zealand Manurewa Stake
Alfriston Ward
Finlayson Ward
Mountfort Ward
Papakura 2nd Ward (Samoan)
Weymouth Ward

Auckland New Zealand Mt Roskill Stake
Balmoral Ward
Blockhouse Bay Ward
Epsom Ward
Lynfield Ward
Mt Albert Ward
Mt Roskill 1st Ward (Samoan)
Mt Roskill 2nd Ward (Tongan)
Mt Roskill 4th Ward (Tongan)
Onehunga Ward

Auckland New Zealand Otara Stake
Hillary Ward
Otahuhu Ward
Tamaki 3rd Ward (Tongan)
Tamaki 5th Ward (Samoan)
Wymondley Ward (Samoan)

Auckland New Zealand Panmure Stake
Glen Innes Ward
Howick Ward
Mt Wellington Ward (Samoan)
Panmure Ward
Saineha 1st Ward (Tongan)
Stonefields Ward
Waipuna Ward

Auckland New Zealand Papakura Stake
Papakura 1st Ward
Princes Ward (Tongan)
Pukekohe 1st Ward
Pukekohe 2nd Ward
Redhill Ward

Auckland New Zealand Papatoetoe Stake
Ashlynne Avenue Ward
Favona Road Ward
Isileli 1st Ward (Tongan)
Massey Park Ward
Papatoetoe 1st Ward
Papatoetoe 2nd Ward (Samoan)
Yates Road Ward

Auckland New Zealand Redoubt Stake
Alema Ward (Samoan)
Chapel Downs Ward
Clendon Ward
Hillpark Ward
Rowandale Ward
Saione Ward (Tongan)

Auckland New Zealand Tamaki Stake
Clover Park Ward
Johnstone Ward
Tamaki 1st Ward (Samoan)
Tamaki 2nd Ward (Samoan)
Tamaki 4th Ward (Tongan)
Tangaroa Ward

Auckland New Zealand Waterview Stake
Auckland 1st Ward
Auckland 2nd Ward
Avondale Ward
Liahona Ward (Samoan)
Titirangi Ward
Waterview Ward (Tongan)

Mike Johnson said...

27 of the 28 New Zealand Stakes are on the North Island (which has about 77% of the population).

The Wellington Mission covers 7 stakes and 3 districts. 6 of these stakes and 1 of these districts are on the North Island. The South Island has only the Christchurch Stake and 2 districts.

The Auckland Mission covers 21 stakes. It also has a district in the Cook Islands. 12 of these stakes are Auckland stakes. 2 more stakes are in the Northland north of Auckland. 7 stakes in this mission--including 4 around Hamilton--are south of Auckland.

I am only guessing, but I think the new Hamilton Mission will take 7 stakes from the Auckland Mission. It may take a district from the Wellington Stake. I think the Auckland Mission will retain 14 stakes, with each of the other two missions having 7 stakes.

Wesley Peay said...

Anyone know where the Hamilton boundaries are yet? Wellington loosing any area or is this primarily an Auckland split?