Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Temples Announced

This morning, LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson announced the construction of two new temples in the following locations:
  • Arequipa Peru
  • Tucson Arizona
With this morning's announcement, the total number of temples announced, under construction, or in operation totals 168.

Later today I will provide an analysis of the Church's growth in both of these locations.


mredtv4ever said...

As a lifelong member in Tucson this is a huge and historic day here....long awaited but it has been met with great happiness.

Ed Clinch said...

I have a brother-in-law and other freinds in Tuscon, plus I know a bit of the community in Sierra Vista. This may be their temple now. I hope the Gila Valley temple is doing well.
As for southern Peru, I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is stronger there than in Chile where I have lived a combined three years. I know convert retention is tough across South America and the world, but it seems the Peruvians stay more committed than the Chileans down south, in general. Cultural factors, maybe.
Some northern Chileno saints will be closer to Arequipa, I think, so that should help both countries in the long run.
Gospel means good news.
This certainly is good, for anyone who understands the blessings of the temple and the ability to attend it as much as possible.

Ed Clinch said...

Friends in Tuscon. Sorry for the typo.
Being able to travel to a temple in an hour or less is an amazing opportunity. Here is a break down of my ages and the hours required simply to travel one way to the temple nearest to me:
Ages 0-4: 24 hours
" 4-15: 12 hours
" 15-19: 5-6 hours,depending on traffic (Chicago)
Ages 19-21 : 6-8 hours, but no attendance allowed during mission
Age 22: 5-6 hours
Ages 23-26: 10 minutes
" 27-28: 4.5 hours
Ages 29-30: 1.25 hours
Ages 31-32: 15-20 minutes (LA traffic, not far)
Ages 33-34: 20-25 minutes
Age 35: 6-8 hours (temple was closed in Santiago de Chile)
Age 36: 1 hour
Ages 37-38: 1.5 hours
Ages 39-41: 45 minutes to hour (traffic if DC beltway)
A. almost42: No driving temple possible, in Afghanistan. Closest would be Kiev, Ukraine, which would be a few hour flight. Too many visa, passport and security problems to drive.

There is my whole life with respect to distances from temples, and the proximity really helps.

Ages 33-34: