Tuesday, October 30, 2012

District Discontinued in Peru

Organized in 2008, the Huancavelica Peru District was discontinued.  The former district consisted of three branches located in Huancavelica, Lircay, and Pampas.  The Church originally operated a single branch in Huancavelica and organized a district following the organization of branches in Lircay and Pampas in the mid-2000s.  None of the branches were discontinued.  The Huancavelica and Lircay Branches now pertain to the Peru Lima East Mission whereas the Pampas Branch now pertains to the Huancayo Peru Stake.  Inadequate numbers of active priesthood holders to fill both district and branch callings and long distances between the three branches in the former district appear the primary reasons for the closure of the district.  Member and missionary reports indicate that local leadership remains strong and dedicated. 

There are now 98 stakes and 23 districts in Peru.


Mike Johnson said...

Thanks for the update.

The Pampas Branch now shows up as being assigned to the Huancayo Perú Stake.

Irwin said...

My friend who is serving in Peru Lima East Mission not told me any of this, always been a difficult area for the transport of local members to fulfill their callings, I was told that the branches have good attendance and active priesthood holders, and they want to create a second branch in Huancavelica, a correction branch Pampas now belongs to Huancayo Peru Stake.
No reports of future creations stake in Peru but should this year reached 100th stakes.

Matt said...

Thank you for the corrections and insight. I found it strange that the district was discontinued considering it was organized only four years ago and that senior missionaries within the past year or two had nothing but positive things to say about the area. Perhaps we'll see a district again in Huancavelica once there are three or more branches in the city.

Irwin said...

A recommendation to LDS Church Temples (do not get me wrong my words), in the list of chronology should appear stakes and districts discontinued with their dates creation and suspended It would be nice to see a complete list.
That information would be very helpful.

Mike Johnson said...

It seems to me that the Lircay Branch is closer to the Ayacucho Perú Stake (and over a better road) than it is to the Huancavelica Branch. It seems to me the Lircay Branch could be assigned to the Ayacucho Stake.

I appreciate Irwin's insight into the situation.