Friday, October 26, 2012

New Stakes to be Created

I am keeping track of new stakes that will be created before the end of the year according to missionary and member reports I have received.  These new stakes are listed below.
  • Brisbane, Australia area
  • Cartagena Spain
  • Gaborone Botswana
  • Kinshasa, DR Congo (two new stakes)
  • Lafaiete Brazil
  • Lambare Paraguay
  • Lleida Spain
  • Manaus Brazil Guarany
  • Murfreesboro Tennessee
If you are aware of any other new stakes to be created or notice errors in this list, please comment.


Aaron and Kamyra said...

Matt, there is a new stake being created in Brisbane Australia this sunday from what I hear. The details I have are patchy but it could even be two new ones. There are a number of new wards being created (collingwood park ward, created late last year is being split) and one of the wards from my stake is going into another stake I presume to help create a new stake. The gold coast area, south of Brisbane is the other hot spot, if they do not create one there this week end it will be soon. All three members of area presidency are coming to brisbane is what I am told

Mike Johnson said...

Was there a new stake created in Yuma or did they simply rename the Yuma Wards?

There used to be the Yuma 1st through 10th Wards (6th and 8th were branches) and now there are the Yuma Ward, Kofa Ward, Yuma Mesa Ward, Yuma Valley Ward, Cibola Ward, Rancho Sereno Ward Ward, Rio Colorado (Spanish) Branch, Del Oro Branch, Foothills Ward Ward, and Mesa Del Sol Ward.

There were 9 wards and 6 branches in the Yuma Arizona Stake and there still appear to be 9 wards and 6 branches in the stake and no new stakes in the area.

Maybe the LDS meeting house locator or the Yuma Arizona Stake web page hasn't caught up with a split.

Mike Johnson said...

According to the Yuma Foothills Ward Facebook page, the ward boundaries were redrawn effective 28 October, particularly for wards in town, only a minor change for the Foothills ward.

There is a new meeting house for the Foothills and Mesa Del Sol Wards and Gila Ridge Branch.

Nothing about a new stake, but who knows, it is a big stake and with the area were the Foothills and Mesa Del Sol wards are growing rapidly (and another ward and branch further east), one could be formed soon.

Matt said...

Thanks for the information everyone. I encountered a report from a missionary about the Yuma Arizona Stake split. Sounds like it was incorrect. I removed this stake from my list.

Anonymous said...

Kearney, Nebraska Stake should split one day soon. It has an insane amount of church units.

Mike Johnson said...

Aaron and Kamyra,

Did anything happen this weekend in the Brisbane area?

Aaron and Kamyra said...

Well still want to confirm with another person that was there but third hand info was they created a new stake in the coomera area north gold coast and used another stake or two to help in that area just south of Brisbane. The one and a half wards taken from my stake sunday which is west of Brisbane was in preparation for another stake to be created in November. I will confirm more accurate details when I have them.

Anonymous said...

There will be a new stake created this weekend in the Richland/West Richland Washington area. The announcement was made a couple weeks ago that the new stake would effect the Kennewick and Richland Washington Stakes.

Michael Mills said...


The West Richland Washington Stake was created today from wards in the Richland and Kennewick Washington Stakes. The wards in the West Richland Washington Stake are: Benton City, Candy Mountain, Desert Hills, Highlands, Lakes, Prosser, Rattlesnake Mountain, and Richland YSA Wards. The Hillview Ward was reassigned from the Kennewick Washington Stake to the Richland Washington Stake.

C.J. Sandstrom said...

The Murfreesboro Tennessee Stake WAS created Sunday, November 4th at 10:11 a.m CST! The creation of this stake also effected three other stakes: McMinnville, TN, Nashville, TN and Franklin, TN. An amazing experience to feel first-hand!

Mike Johnson said...

Thank you, Michael and CJ.

The Church hasn't updated its meeting house locator yet on either stake.

CJ, I have been speculating that the Murfreesboro Stake would include the Murfreesboro Ward, Stones River 1st Ward, Stones River 2nd (Spanish) Branch, Tullahoma Ward, Shelbyville Ward, and Blackman Ward from the McMinnville Stake and the Rock Springs Ward and Smyrna Ward from the Nashville Stake. With perhaps a reshuffle to balance out the stakes in the area including Franklin and Madison). I am curious if you recorded down which wards moved where?

John said...
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John said...

It looks like (according to CDOL) the new Murfreesboro stake picked up Murfreesboro Ward, Stones River 1st Ward, Stones River 2nd (Spanish) Branch, Shelbyville Ward, and Blackman Ward from the McMinnville stake and the Rock Springs Ward, Smyrna Ward, Mount Juliet Ward and Buena Vista (Spanish) Branch from the Nashville stake. Nashville stake picked up Franklin 1st Ward from Franklin stake.

Also, the new stake in Washington is the West Richland Washington Stake, not the Richland Washington West Stake.

John said...

Murfreesboro stake also got Hermitage Branch from Nashville stake.

Mike Johnson said...

Thanks, John. I should have had a little more patience, as the meeting house locator and the stake web pages in both Tennessee and Washington reflect the change.

Mike Johnson said...

The Tompkinsville Ward (in Kentucky) from the Madison Tennessee Stake appears to have been moved to the McMinnville Tennessee Stake.

wleiva said...

A new stake has been created in Guatemala city. El Frutal stake has been created from Villa Hermosa stake, Villa Nueva Stake and Amatitlan stake.

Tiffinie Mcafee said...

How do i, or can you find more information on an expected stake split on the daybreak stake, ut? The new stake center has been complete for over a month and no split....

James W. Anderson said...

Got something on the Brisbane, Australia matter. From a Facebook post:

On Sunday 18 November there is to be a Special Conference meeting here in South East Queensland. It is to involve several stakes. There have been Leadership changes and a new Ward created. Members are to meet in several locations. We are very excited at this evidence of growth. When I arrived in this area about 19 years ago we were just 2 stakes. Now we have a Temple (In Brisbane) and seem to be growing very fast. I will report back on what happens.

Jared said...

Matt, I've heard from two seperate church members in Spain that Madrid will get a 3rd stake in December. Lleida (12) was created last Sunday and Cartagena (13) will be created on Dec 2, but this third stake in Madrid will be the 14th in the the country. Do you know anything about this and can you confirm it with anyone that you might know?

Matt said...

I also heard of a rumored third stake in Madrid to be created soon but was not sure if it was a reliable report. Sounds like your reports are accurate too and we'll see three new stakes in Spain in 2012! Thanks for the creation dates too!

Jared said...

The Lleida Stake includes: Sabadell 1 and 2 Wards, Terrassa Ward, Lleida Ward, either one or two wards in Zaragoza (not sure if they combined the two branches or not to make a ward). I don't have confirmation, but I'm sure Andorra remained a branch.

Irwin said...

In this link there is more information in Spanish of the three new stakes in Spain, Cartagena and Madrid Centro (in english will be Center or Central) Stakes confirmed will be created on December 2.

Jared, apparently Zaragoza 1st and 2nd will become wards in Hospitalet Martorell and Vilafranca will become wards

Mike Johnson said...

Thanks Jared and Irwin.

Just a guess, but it may have been that the two Zaragoza branches (which meet in the same building) becoming large enough to become wards may have been a major factor in the timing of the creation of the new stake.

My guess is that the Madrid Central Stake will take from both the Madrid West and Madrid East stakes.

Mike Johnson said...

Current Madrid stakes

Madrid Spain East Stake:
Alcalá de Henares Ward
Alcobendas Ward
Azuqueca Ward
Madrid 2nd Ward
Madrid 4th Ward
Madrid 6th Ward
Madrid 8th Ward
Torrejón de Ardoz Ward
Aranjuez Branch
Guadalajara Branch

Madrid Spain West Stake:
Leganés Ward
Madrid 1st Ward
Madrid 3rd Ward
Madrid 5th Ward
Madrid 9th Ward
Móstoles Ward
Toledo Ward
Villalba Ward
Alcorcón Branch
Cuenca Branch
Fuenlabrada Branch
Parla Branch
Talavera Branch
Segovia Branch

Mike Johnson said...

According to

seven new bishops in the Brisbane Australia area were called this past weekend (4 in the Eight Mile Plains Stake, 2 in the Centenary Stake, and 1 in the Gold Coast Stake).

Goodna and Kuraby wards are brand new.

James Perry said...

The 2 new Brisbane stakes were created today. My brother in law serving in that mission reports good growth and success.

Mike Johnson said...

Changes are beginning to show in the Meetinghouse Locator in the Brisbane area.

The Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, and Brisbane Logan stakes show no changes to the wards and branches making up those stakes.

Three wards have moved from the Brisbane North Stake to the Brisbane Stake (Bunya Forest, Enoggera, and Chermside). One ward has moved from the Brisbane Centennial Stake to the Brisbane Stake (Kenmore Ward). Five wards have moved from the Brisbane Stake (Camp Hill, Capalaba, Cleveland, Holland Park, and Manly). Although these five wards currently show no affiliation with a stake, I suppose they have entered the new Brisbane Cleveland Stake.

Two wards have left the Eight Plains Stake (Beenleigh and Windaroo) and four wards have left the Gold Coast Stake (Coomera, Nerang, Pacific Pines, and Helensvale). Although these wards currently show no stake affiliation, I suspect they are in the new Coomera Stake.