Thursday, October 18, 2012

First LDS Stake in Botswana to be Created November 4th, 2012

Members in Botswana report that the Church will create its first stake in Botswana on November 4th.  The Church has worked for many years to create the first stake in Botswana.  The Church created its first official branch in 1991 and the following year organized a district headquartered in Gaborone.  In 1995, the district was closed and branches were reassigned to the newly created Roodepoort South Africa Stake.  The Church currently has three wards and four branches in Botswana that remain assigned to the Roodepoort South Africa Stake and one other branch (Francistown) and several groups (Gerald, Kasane, and Monarch) that report directly to the South Africa Johannesburg Mission.  With few exceptions, stakes must have at least five wards to operate and we will likely see a couple new wards formed in Gaborone or a couple branches mature into wards as part of the creation of the new stake.  Members report that the new stake will also include one congregation in neighboring South Africa (Mafeking).

In the late 2000s, mission leaders opened several new cities to proselytism and have reported excellent success as branches have been organized in Kanye, Molepolole, and Mochudi.  Prospects appear favorable for the creation of a separate mission for Botswana due to visa complications with missionaries transferring between Botswana and South Africa and expanding opportunities to open additional cities to proselytism.


Gnesileah said...

Having developed a love for the country from reading Alexander McCall Smith's brilliant series, The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, I am so happy for the good saints in Botswana.

I wonder if the Phokeng and Rustenburg Wards may also transfer to the new stake, if no other branches are maturing to wards at this time. The would leave the Roodepoort Stake with 7 wards and 1 branch. Otherwise, the Botswana Stake may look like the Sioux Falls South Dakota Stake, which currently has 3 wards and several branches. Even if that is the case, surely additional wards will be created in the near future, as it seems the Church is experiencing positive growth throughout Botswana.

Ed Clinch said...

Africa is a giant place with millions of potential faithful of many different religions. It has been interesting to read in the last decade and a half how Africans have come to North America and spread their faith in Christ in the US, primarily. I hope Botswana and other neighbors will develop in the faith of the Lord, and that politically and economically all the countries can continue to develop. The untapped resources of this part of southern Africa is both in what the people are and what the land contains: treasures beyond measure. God bless all that go there, or who are from there.

Adam W. said...

Any updates on the church in Botswana? A young man in ward just got called to the Namibia/Botswana mission.