Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Stake In Mexico: Every State In Mexico Now Has A Stake

With the creation of the Colima México Stake, every state in the country of Mexico now has a stake of the Church within its boundaries. The Colima México Stake was created from the Colima México District last Sunday and becomes the first stake of the Church in the Mexican State of Colima. Only one other district currently exists in the state of Colima in the city of Manzanillo. Missionaries have worked hard to establish this stake in Colima and it is exciting to see its creation (click here to view previous post on when this stake was a district and other districts working towards stakehood at the end of last year). There are now 213 stakes and 40 districts in Mexico.


Travis and Amy said...

Does anyone know where I can find out who the stake presidency is?

Gnesileah said...

It used to be that we could rely on the Church News to share that information with us, but for some reason they are not receiving information on all new stakes in a timely manner. Since Jan 1, 2008, 47 stakes have been created, but only 26 of them have been published in the Church News thus far. I wrote to them and Sister Gerry Avant personally replied:

"We publish news of stake organizations and reorganizations as we receive it from Church Headquarters. For the past several weeks, we've received information on only a few of those stakes. We will bring our reports up to date as the information is released to us. We do not publish information that is sent to us by members in the stake or others who happen to know about the changes in the stakes. We publish the stake information that has gone through Church headquarters."

Hopefully, the sharing of timely information can resume again. The stakes that have not been published are as follows:

Creation Date/Stake
13 Apr 2008 Perry Utah Stake
08 Jun 2008 Harare Zimbabwe Marimba Park
15 Jun 2008 Pachuca México South Stake
22 Jun 2008 Nuku'alofa Tonga Harbour Stake
07 Sep 2008 McAllen Texas West Stake
14 Sep 2008 Twin Falls Idaho South Stake
23 Nov 2008 São Paulo Brazil Jaraguá Stake
30 Nov 2008 Canoas Brazil Stake
30 Nov 2008 Imperatriz Brazil Stake
30 Nov 2008 Las Vegas Nevada Elkhorn Springs
30 Nov 2008 México City Coacalco Stake
07 Dec 2008 Fortaleza Brazil Messejana Stake
07 Dec 2008 São Paulo Brazil Casa Grande
22 Feb 2009 Chimbote Perú Buenos Aires Stake
15 Mar 2009 Katuba DR Congo
19 Apr 2009 Kuna Idaho East Stake
03 May 2009 St. Cloud Minnesota Stake
03 May 2009 Cuiabá Brazil Industriário Stake
17 May 2009 Pleasant Grove Utah West Stake
17 May 2009 Bradenton Florida Stake
24 May 2009 Colima México Stake

I suppose the best way to find out who the new stake presidency is is to contact the mission office in Guadalajara.

Matt said...

Thanks for providing that information. This has troubled me as well. Fortunately the Church keeps its temple district listings up-to-date and hopefully we will see an end to the omissions of new stakes in the Church News.

Gnesileah said...

Yes, thankfully the temple districts are kept up to date. I think we have our friend Rick to thank for that gem :)